Oklahoma governor commutes death sentence of Julius Jones, who had the support of Baker Mayfield

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Baker Mayfield‘s prayer was answered.

Per multiple reports, Oklahoma governor Kevin Stitt has commuted the death sentence of Julius Jones, who was due to be executed later today.

On Wednesday, Mayfield spoke at his midweek press conference about the situation.

“Yeah, that is pretty rough to be honest with you,” Mayfield said. “That’s not something that’s easy to talk about. I’ve been trying to get the facts stated and the truth to be told for a while, but it is tough to think about. Tried and tried. It is a shame that it has gotten this far. We are 24 hours away. So, it’s tough. You know, hopefully, God can intervene, and handle it correctly and do the things he needs to do.”

Stitt has altered the sentence to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

16 responses to “Oklahoma governor commutes death sentence of Julius Jones, who had the support of Baker Mayfield

  1. A travesty. Jones had the murder weapon hidden in his house wrapped in a red bandana which also had his DNA on it. But because of cowards like Baker Mayfield and the rest of the celebrity scum that championed this murderer, he gets something that the family of the victim hasn’t been able to get. A chance.

  2. The way the dude was railroaded, I think I woulda preferred death. Prison is NO pleasant place like so many think.
    Research the facts in this case and you will come away shocked and dismayed.

  3. Out of curiosity, if he’s innocent, why is he still sentenced to life without parole? Seems the governor created his own sentence, 20 years after a judge and jury did…

  4. There are more than enough questions about the former prosecutor and his favorite DNA “expert” to void the death penalty. People used to believe that every time someone got killed by a cop they deserved it. Cell phone cameras have shown us that isn’t true. I think it’s fair to assume states have executed hundreds of people who were innocent or at worst guilty of lesser crimes. Stitt isn’t being freed, he’s in prison for life.

  5. Dna from Mr. Jones was found on the bandana which the murder weapon was wrapped/hidden in. As my Tennis playing friends would say, that’s game, set,match.

  6. Baker Mayfield is having a terrible year on the field but his humanity showed up yesterday. When the parole board of Oklahoma recommends clemency for a death row prisoner they have considered all of the facts of the case. Reading the messages here today lets me know that none of these people have done a lick of research. Today the Governor of Oklahoma did a righteous think and I am so happy that he did. Life in prison is enough punishment for any crime.

  7. Didn’t know too much about the case until recently but from what I’ve read this is an ok call (not great since he still hasn’t had a fair trial). As soon as the lady that “confirmed” his DNA with the alleged murder weapon was exposed as a fraud who regularly falsified evidence to convict innocent people he should have gotten another trial.

  8. the Oklahoma DA will be buried for years in revisited cases based upon the supposed ‘expertise’ of this DNA examiner;

    wonder how many people she has put to death based upon her ‘expert’ testimony;

    of course, she will never be tried and put away for life for that…

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