Sean Payton: Everyone involved in NFL deserves better officiating

New Orleans Saints v Tennessee Titans
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Saints head coach Sean Payton said he had no comment on a costly roughing the passer call against his team after last Sunday’s loss to the Titans, but shared some of his opinion on Monday when he noted the penalty is for “roughing” after further questions about it.

Payton was on The Dan Patrick Show Thursday and he used a question about his reaction to that call to speak about officiating around the league. Payton said there are instances each week when officials are “not up to speed” and noted the Bears’ loss to the Steelers a couple of weeks ago before going on to say the “problems start at the top.

Payton, who recently left the NFL’s Competition Committee, said the league needs to “reduce the variables” involved with officiating starting from a “leadership perspective and training perspective” in order to make the necessary improvements to the game.

“We have to improve. Everyone watching and participating and involved in it deserves better,” Payton said.

Payton shared his belief that officials should have full-time jobs and wondered how 17 different crews can be expected to be on the same page under the current system. The NFL has shown no real appetite for going that route, but a continued spotlight on officiating errors may increase calls for a change.

25 responses to “Sean Payton: Everyone involved in NFL deserves better officiating

  1. Payton may have a point. But he also needs to remember how his team benefited from bad officiating prior to Bountygate becoming a story. Remember the old saying about casting stones in glass houses.

  2. I’m not an “Ageist” but the age of most NFL referees is closer to retirement age. I’ve never understood why the NFL doesn’t actively pursue former college football and basketball players from the FCS, FBS and even DII and DIII schools to become full time referees in the NFL. I’m not talking about guys with the ability to play in pro sports but the guys just below that notch, which we see every Saturday from morning, noon and night.

    It would seem to me that hiring younger and more athletic people who’ve played the sport at just below the highest level would make for far better officiating than guys that work at insurance agencies and law firms.

  3. They don’t want full time officials because then they would have to pay them like a full time employee and that cost more money. Of course the league isn’t going to spend any more money because they need it to pay Goddell his ridiculous salary. And what if the poor guy should need a raise? Which I’m sure he does cuz who could possibly live on, what he makes So, refs, no money for you! No full time job!

  4. The game has gotten too fast to be reffed by humans on field without some assistance (not control) of a “sky judge” using some level of technology. We assume that the refs see everything they need to as it actually happens, and be looking in the right direction from the right angle on every play. That’s not possible, period. Its a trillion dollar industry between revenue, team market values, and betting. And its all it the hands of 6 guys on their field whose judgements have been questioned throughout every game……oh yeah, I forgot “its part of the game”…. FOr that reason, I never bet on anything where a judgement call can affect an outcome.

  5. And if anyone thinks this is going to get better with the spread of legalized sports betting, I have oceanfront property available in Iowa.

  6. Sean was gifted a SB win due to bad officials during the gift of Katrina.. another nfl story line

  7. He is basically saying we all deserve consistency. Right now when I handicap my bets I go with past history of the two teams, offense and defensive rankings and then the officiating crew.

  8. Consistency with how calls are made is what everyone should expect, not deserve. As a fan it is confusing for a play to not be called in one game and 2 teams in a different game right after have the same thing happen that is called or vice versa. At least try to boil down to 3rd and 4th down conversion attempts and red zone plays.

  9. While I agree about having better quality, not sure how you do full time officials. Same number of games happening at the same time. You can’t stagger the games so the same crew works several a day. Nor would the officials have 40 hours of work in a week, making Full Time a fallacy.

  10. Let’s try less officials on the field so that only egregious penalties are noticed, Not extra eyes whose sole purpose is to look for Jersey fabric on the OL being Stretched.

    Honestly I believe almost if not All penalties involving the line of scrimmage can be officiated from the TV Broadcast.
    Clear as day to most people sitting on their couches

  11. If the Patriots and the buccaneers end up in the super bowl we will know the NFL is just a sham like big time wrestling all the sudden

  12. It’s comical how certain teams like Tampa, the patriots, ravens, and Titans are never on the receiving end of these bogus terrible calls. So they alone says there is something else going on. This isn’t random stuff happening

  13. The officiating completely blows. A bunch of Mr. Magoo’s in zebra costumes making it up as they go.

  14. The product is suffering. On a weekly basis. Anyone who has a clue about running a business would be in a hurry to find a solution

  15. when the game got faster the NBA added a third official….they still miss a lot of traveling and double dribble calls but i think the league office controls this…the NFL could regain respect and have a more competitive game if they would add 1 official and allow sky judge….

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