Bill Belichick pleased with defense holding Kyle Pitts to three catches for 29 yards

New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons
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Heading into Thursday night’s game, Patriots coach Bill Belichick said Falcons rookie tight end Kyle Pitts was an going to be a problem for the Patriots’ defense. He turned out not to be much of a problem.

The Patriots held Pitts to just three catches for 29 yards in New England’s 25-0 win at Atlanta. After the game, Belichick was pleased.

“He’s a big challenge,” Belichick said of Pitts. “I thought our players did a good job. They had good awareness. . . . Glad we don’t have to play him every week.”

The way the Patriots are playing, it’s other teams that should be glad they don’t have to play New England every week. The Patriots are on a five-game winning streak and have outscored their opponents 176-50 in those five games. That’s an average score of 35-10 for five weeks in a row. Whether it’s Pitts or anyone else, the Patriots are shutting down their opponents.

7 responses to “Bill Belichick pleased with defense holding Kyle Pitts to three catches for 29 yards

  1. The same people who spent the offseason telling us the Pats wouldn’t have more than 3 or 4 wins all season will now tell us Belichick is a terrible coach who doesn’t have a clue, the Pats are a terrible team and Mac Jones is an awful QB.

    Just like they did all through 20 years of Brady the only difference being they are will replace the name Brady with the name Jones.


  2. People claiming Belichick is nothing without Brady are totally wrong. Watching this guy and the moves he’s made over 20 years or so…remarkable. Unsung example- he had Troy Brown, a WR, ready to step in as an emergency DB if needed and he did a good job when he was called upon. Incredibly great coach- best of all time.

  3. That has more to do with nobody playing with him. Don’t get me wrong the guy is good but can’t carry a passing game by himself. The falcons have no help on the outside that makes covering a te easy when you have no wr or running game at all to worry about.

  4. The old giveaway is always how long and how effusively Belichick praises a particular opposing player before the game. The more he does that, the less that individual will impact the outcome.

    Seen this forever now. He gets his Patriots teams to neutralize “stars”.

  5. The Falcons O-line is not good. Matt R spent the game on his azz. Pitts could be the best route runner, with the best hands, but if the ball doesn’t get to him then it doesn’t matter. I feel for Matt. He needs a change of scenery before his career comes to an end. I like the thought (by one poster) that he could replace Big Ben when he retires.

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