Bill Belichick touts the chemistry of the 2021 Patriots

Dallas Cowboys v New England Patriots
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In today’s NFL, every franchise undergoes major changes every year. The challenge, each and every year, becomes creating the kind of chemistry and camaraderie that will help the team maximize its chances of winning games.

The 2021 Patriots are succeeding in that regard, and their results are confirming it. On Friday, coach Bill Belichick addressed the intangible qualities that bind his current team together.

“The relationship with the players is always a very special one,” Belichick said. “It’s not something, as a coach, that you can orchestrate. I think it just has to happen. Hopefully, you put players together that will be able to form those kinds of relationships, trust, camaraderie, and all those things, but it’s not anything you can legislate. It just kind of has to happen. I’m glad it’s happening, and I’m glad they do have that feeling because I do think there’s a chemistry that goes with communication, anticipation, knowing what the other guy’s doing and him knowing what you’re doing and being able to play aggressively with all that. It’s a good thing. I’m glad they feel that way, and I’m glad that’s developing. It takes time. It takes some success. It’s not something you can talk about, and it magically happens. You need to back it up with some results that reinforce what you’re doing, what they’re feeling.”

While it can’t be forced, it can flow naturally from the presence of the right players on the team. Belichick explained whether he looks at a player’s potential locker-room presence when evaluating potential free agents.

“We try to see what kind of person the player is on another level, how committed they are to football, what kind of worker they are, what kind of practice player they are, what they bring to the team, both on and off the field, and so forth,” Belichick said. “Each one of us has our own style, strengths, weaknesses and all that. It’s not like one size fits all. That’s definitely not the case, but, fundamentally, you try to bring people in that you feel like would be a good fit for your team, whether they’re rookies, free agents, trades, or however you acquire them. That’s what you try to do. It doesn’t always work out that way, but hopefully it does. That’s the intent.”

Currently, the intent and the results are meshing for the Patriots, who added plenty of free agents in the offseason. After some initial hurdles, the team has become a serious contender in the AFC.

14 responses to “Bill Belichick touts the chemistry of the 2021 Patriots

  1. Character matters. The kind of bloated egotistical sense of self importance all too prelevant in today’s NFL won’t be welcome in NE and shouldn’t be elsewhere.

  2. With Diva Brady gone, I am sure BB and other coaches are thrilled by that dark cloud gone from the locker room.

  3. Don’t look now, but the 2021 Pats are becoming a dominant team. BECOMING is the operative word I know we’ve beaten up on the Browns, Panthers and Falcons recently, but we also came within a FG of beating the defending SB champs, lost to Dallas by 6 points in week 6 by and haven’t lost since.
    We play the iron of the AFC coming up so we’ll see where they’re really at but 1 year removed from the Brady drama, things are lookin up AGAIN in New England!
    sincerest apologies to Hatriot Nation!

  4. The way Troy Aikman and Joe Buck gushed about him last night, you would think Mac Jones is going to be the next TB12…. If that is the case it is going to be a long next 20 years.

  5. Belichick and Brady were really good when they worked together. And they both are really good on their own . Kind of like the Beatles.

  6. Brady may be gone but his IMPORTANCE & LEGACY will NEVER be forgotten….Between Him & BB football became truly fun for us life long fans…. Hopefully Mac & BB can keep that feeling alive for years to come….it sure has been electric so far!!!
    Go Pats

  7. Character matters. The kind of bloated egotistical sense of self importance all too prelevant in today’s NFL won’t be welcome in NE and shouldn’t be elsewhere.
    Chad Johnson
    Antonio Brown
    Albert Haynesworth
    etc. etc. etc.

    You can put the class and dignity of the Patriots organization up on a pedestal all you want, but they will welcome headcases if they think it will help them win.

  8. You can only play who’s on your schedule. If you have been watching this team at all you can see them getting better every week. Whether people like it or not they are truly developing into a SB caliber defence. When Brady one the first two it was defence based like now. On offense they run the ball very well and limit the turnovers. This team may indeed go the distance. As for Mac, he is playing very well and staying within what is asked of him. Stop comparing him to Brady and let the kid have his own career.

  9. The first couple of years Brady played the team had a similar mindset to now: Win with defense, and just enough offense without asking much of the QB except to not screw up. Jones’ stats and Brady’s early stats are pretty similar. It’ll be interesting to see what happens over the next year or two.

  10. 2 measuring stick games coming up. We’ll know much more about how this team stacks up after the the next 2 weeks.

  11. mnrasslinggovjesse says:
    November 19, 2021 at 2:29 pm
    Wow, 7-4 with wins mostly against also-rans, and already strutting.
    ———————————————————————————————————————————————-The Pats had the 15th ranked strength of schedule this year vs last years records. Smack dab in the middle. Bills had the 23rd ranked schedule, Titans and Chiefs tied at 19, Steelers and Ravens tied for #1 for toughest schedule coming into the season.
    Pats took the Cowboys to OT and camethisclose to beating the Bucs. Only the game vs the Saints in week 3 did the Pats not show up.

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