Matt Ryan: It’s been a tough stretch offensively

NFL: NOV 18 Patriots at Falcons
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The good news for Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is that he said his toe is fine after hurting it in Thursday night’s loss to the Patriots.

The bad news is that it can’t be used as an excuse for a second straight offensive disaster. The Patriots shut the Falcons out in a 25-0 win and Atlanta only managed a field goal in their 43-3 loss to the Cowboys in Week 10. They gained just 379 yards over the two losses and Ryan said in his postgame press conference that the team has to use the coming days to find a way to get back on track.

“It’s been a tough five days offensively,” Ryan said. “It’s just across the board. We haven’t thrown the ball well enough. We haven’t run the ball well enough. I’ve got to be more accurate. We’ve all got to be more effective with what we’re asked to do in terms of the game plan. We got a nice little extra few days to take a deep dive into what we can do better moving forward. We certainly got to take advantage of that.”

Ryan said that he’s confident the team can do better because of success earlier in the season, but they weren’t exactly setting the world on fire in their four wins and there’s been surplus evidence of their shortcomings even in moments of triumph. That suggests more tough days to come for a team trying to avoid its fourth straight losing season.

7 responses to “Matt Ryan: It’s been a tough stretch offensively

  1. From what I saw, Ryan looked more comfortable taking a sack then throwing a toss up to Pitts. There were multiple times where instead of throwing it to try to give his team a chance, he took the hit. Although they have looked better with C. Patterson in the mix and that wasn’t the case yesterday.

  2. The Falcons should have started a rebuilding process last year. They’re not close to competing for their division never mind a championship. That window closed some time ago, and drafting Pitts instead of one of the available QBs was mistake that highlighted their delusion of where they are as a team and a contender.

  3. Can we plz never ever use the ‘Matty Ice’ monkier…unless its followed by COLD.

  4. The Falcons need to dedicate their entire draft to offense next spring. But there’s only one problem. The Falcons need to dedicate their entire draft to defense next spring.

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