Pete Carroll calls for full-time officials

Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers
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The push for full-time officials is becoming a full-blown movement.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, who recently admitted he had “some gripes” about the officiating in Seattle’s 17-0 loss Green Bay, told reporters on Friday that he believes game officials should be full-time employees.

“Absolutely they should be full time,” Carroll said. “Bud Grant knew that 30 years ago. He was clamoring for it forever. With all of the money that we spend and all that goes into this, my opinion is Bud’s opinion. I’m going to go with him. I’ve always thought that. It’s a big job. There’s a tremendous amount of responsibility. I know the guys got their own work, more power to them, but I would advocate that forever. The guys should be put together in the system, they should be trained in the offseason, they should be training young officials for the future, on and on and on. Help college, every level of it by doing so. I wish they would.”

We made the case recently for full-time officials. More and more people in league circles believe it’s necessary. Here’s hoping that more and more of them will be willing to say so publicly, like Carroll has.

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  1. Full-time officials wouldn’t solve the problem of a person not being able to see everything in real time with close to 100% accuracy. There are much more cost effective ways to reduce incorrect calls or undesirable outcomes, and that is to develop an oversight system with off-field officials.

  2. If the refs were full time, I believe they would be more invested and accountable in the game.Otherwise this is only a part time gig.

  3. Pete seemed to enjoy the part-time official’s call on the Fail Mary vs the Packers….can’t have it both ways 🙂

  4. Won’t make a difference. It is the system that is broke, not the officials. Can’t have a rule book that is 12 volumes long that changes from year to year and expect any human to apply it to a game as chaotic as football. You asking for the impossible. Tear down the rule book and make it simple and appliable again.

  5. Whatever you think of officials, they tend to be the best and the brightest. This is why many of them are high powered professionals.

    So if you want full time officials you have the following options
    1. Pay them commensurate with a high powered professional, as in high 6 to 7 figures a year and HOPE they take the offer over their normal job.
    2. Pay less and get fully focused but lesser quality talent pool.

    Maybe they can get away with it and has little impact, maybe not.

    But you’re not going to get many people to give up their main passion just to be an official, peanuts or not.

  6. No.

    Completely dumb to pay these clowns 200k a year to work 20-25 days

    How about accountability.. these idiots never get fined, fired or punished in anyway.

  7. Every other major sport has full-time officials. The cost will barely make a dent in NFL profits. The players and the fans deserve it.

  8. Wow, all these coaches are part of the problem. If they had full time refs, nothing would change. Unless the refs have eyes that can focus in three different directions, and see in slow motion, all while running faster than the 4.3 guys. No. No. No. The problem isn’t the officials. They’re fine. We get to watch the game in super slow motion, and they don’t. We get to see multiple angles of the play, then sit there and critique a live ref. We watch Pete Carroll constantly twisting his neck to look up at the replay screen so that he can decide to complain or not. Why can’t he just trust what he sees live? That’s what he’s asking the ref to do. So the whole idea of getting correct calls with no replay is insane. Even for full time refs. Even if they work 50 hours overtime every week. So unless you’re demanding a modern video assistance with officials in real time, you’re not solving any problems. So the question everyone should be asking is why don’t the refs get to see what we get to see? I mean, what sense does that make. We don’t have a flag and a whistle. Why on earth would we be able to see the correct calls, but the guys calling the game can’t? Yeah. That makes a lot of sense. And it would actually speed up the game from what it is now with all the delays and such. There would be no delays. They’d have the call in before the shot clock gets reset. No challenges. Just get every call right. If they miss it with all that technology, we’ll miss it too. We won’t ever know it happened. We’d think, darn those refs are awesome.

  9. Full-time referees won’t change subjective calls. When you have a call on the field go one-way, then the replay booth reviews it, and the consulting referee on the television broadcast waffles when his initial opinion is different from the resulting call, you know you have a problem. Subjective opinions on receptions, pass interference, holding, roughing the passer, taunting, unnecessary roughness, illegal hands to the face, and defensive holding make consistency near impossible from game to game. Full time referees won’t fix that.

  10. How does having full time officials solve the problem? They aren’t making mistakes because they are part timers. They are making mistakes because they are given too much deference. There should be several officials watching monitors who have the power to overrule officials on the field–with no regard given whatsoever to the feelings of refs on the field.

  11. The NFL will have no choice but to have full time refs and sky judge as soon as next season. There’s no logical argument against it. Mike, your show has done a great job with this issue.

  12. It blows my mind that they weren’t full time as of 10-15 years ago. It’s not like the NFL is struggling to pay rent.

  13. But Pete if you had full time officials then you would of lost the fail Mary game! Remember how your guy raked the ball out after the interception and was called a touchdown! That game Pete! Jumping up and down like a 12 year old girl! Funny how you didn’t see anything wrong with that call!

  14. Let’s hope it happens soon. I find there are so many inconsistencies watching various games on Sunday. Some crews allow a lot of grabbing, others go too far the other way and add phantom calls when they can’t find any. You never know what team is going to be in for a rough ride on a given day. It feels like at times they are trying to keep some teams in the game then other times they are making sure one team isn’t going to win.

  15. This isn’t that difficult. Reduce Roger’s salary by $15 million bc he already makes way too much. It will literally be able to pay each of the 123 officials 100k a year and the remaining amount of money can be spent on training. Problem solved.

  16. I’m not a huge Pete Carroll fan, but he’s absolutely right on this one. It’s time to get it done!

  17. Fix the rules first. Whether an official is part time or works 24/7, if the rules remain unclear and open to interpretation then there will continue to be controversial calls/non-calls.

  18. I agree that full-time officials are needed, but I don’t want to hear another word from Pete “Fail Mary” Carroll about officiating.

  19. How will such a low profit organization like the NFL afford to pay for these full time officials?!?!

  20. It is ridiculous that a multi-billion dollar franchise has part-timers making calls that can swing games.

  21. Pete is not “my guy” but he is totally right about this. A BILLION DOLLAR SPORT cannot be run by guys with a part time jobs. You get what you pay for and when legalized gambling really kicks in the NFL better get ready to go to court because if these “part time” refs keep screwing up it’s going to go to litigation. In court. With $ involved. SERIOUISE MONEY.

  22. I would imagine it will always be the teams that get screwed on the regular that want full time officials.

    The saints have been ducked constantly. Last week they proved they can’t beat horrible officiating and another team. You know what it is the same result as the NFC championship. I know it is shocking

  23. There are full time officials in other sports and they still make mistakes and replay can’t correct everything, human error is just something we have to live with unfortunately.

  24. Pete wants full time officials until they “make” calls that don’t go his way. Then it will be why did we need full time refs, the part time ones were fine. What a goofus rufus.

  25. Just like the US, until there is more pressure – they wont do the right thing. Keep it up Pete

  26. Pete Carroll is a full-time coach and he still made a mistake that cost his team a Super Bowl victory. Full time players make mistakes all the time. Officials are the only ones who are expected to be something that no other human is or can be: perfect…

  27. Paid, full-time officials are all well and good. But it doesn’t guarantee the competence factor will increase.

  28. My only concern with full time officials is that it doesn’t lead to life time officials.

    Their would need to be a strong and clear annual review process that can identify an official as lousy and then they can be easily fired.

  29. It’s weird how so many NFL refs seem to own Italian restaurants that don’t actually serve any food…

  30. But that would hurt the grift. Kind of like how cheerleaders were expected to basically work for free because of the “exposure and opportunities” it could provide. Paying officials a salary would mean that Goodell has to buy one or two less yachts this year. I’m not sure Goodell can afford even ONE less yacht.

  31. The rulebook needs to be stripped down and simplified, when that happens the people that apply the rulebook matter less

  32. If you can’t see that it is incorrect in 15 seconds then stick with the call of the field. The problem is looking at it from 10 angles for 2+ minutes. I think an eye in the sky would be fine for this. I would include all calls even judgement calls.

  33. Baseball has a umpire development program that includes an extensive training school, minor league umpires being promoted on merit. In football it can recruit High School refs, graduate to college refs, then promote those who qualify to the majors. Like the players themselves, most will never make the majors where they are in paid relatively big money. Pick the best available, train extensively, choose the best, just like the players

  34. Pete Carroll took over from Jim Harbaugh as the biggest whiner in the NFL. During the games, he runs up and down the sidelines and complains to the officials on just about everything.
    He is by far the head coach I most want to see lose all his games.
    What Carroll is missing is that having full time officials would not make them better. They are human, and just as there are no perfect head coaches (see Pete Carroll), there are no perfect officials.
    If Pete Carroll did his job as well as the officials do theirs, he’d have won more than one Super Bowl.

  35. Full time zebras sounds great in theory but it sure hasn’t solved the horrible calls in MLB and the NBA. How about more effective recruiting, training, QA and consistency for the officials in all of these leagues?

  36. Maybe Pete should get control of his undisciplined team instead of whining about the officials.

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