Report: Amari Cooper out for Thanksgiving as well

NFL: NOV 14 Falcons at Cowboys
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The Cowboys said wide receiver Amari Cooper will miss Sunday’s game in Kansas City when they placed him on the COVID-19 reserve list on Friday and Cooper is reportedly going to miss at least one more game as well.

Todd Archer of ESPN reports that Cooper is unvaccinated and that he tested positive for COVID on Friday. NFL protocols mandates a 10-day quarantine for such cases, so Cooper will miss Dallas’ home game against the Raiders on Thanksgiving.

The Thanksgiving game is the first matchup between the Cowboys and Raiders since the Raiders traded Cooper to the Cowboys during the 2018 season.

If Cooper is cleared, he would be back for a Week 13 game against the Saints. CeeDee Lamb, Michael Gallup, and Cedrick Wilson will be the top Cowboys wideouts in his absence.

11 responses to “Report: Amari Cooper out for Thanksgiving as well

  1. I am a Cowboys fans. And I will say the same thing about Amari as I did about DHop, Cousins, Rodgers and classless Cole Beasley. He is selfish for not getting vaccinated. And by that stupid choice, he is hurting his team in a YUGE game. NFL should have MANDATED vaxxes for ALL players. And if not vaxxed, you don’t play.

  2. Great timing man. You couldn’t have waited a few weeks until we play Washington and the Gints again

  3. Way to go Cooper, but hey, I’m sure you had a great reason for not getting vaccinated…what a moron

  4. At least he isn’t gonna get magnetized or have a chip planted in him, or get Satan in him, or whatever the shot is supposed to do…

  5. Stop people you know this is nothing about personal rights, it’s about politics and ignorance. These players will take any substance or supplement to get an edge on Sunday. If you told them the vaccine would reduce their 40 time by .10 seconds they would be elbowing each other to line up.

  6. He isn’t selfish or a moron, he made his own choice what to put in his body. Again, people need to worry about themselves.

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