Robert Saleh: Jets need Zach Wilson to get back to “full health and confidence”

New York Jets Training Camp
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When Jets quarterback Zach Wilson hurt his knee, it was described as a two-to-four-week injury. Sunday will be four weeks since Wilson suffered that injury, but he’s not back on the field yet, with Joe Flacco set to start against the Dolphins.

That doesn’t necessarily mean Wilson’s knee has taken longer than expected to heal, but it does mean that the Jets aren’t going to put him on the field until he’s fully confident that he can play without putting his knee in further jeopardy.

“He’s progressed well. He’ll be doubtful for the game,” Jets coach Robert Saleh said. “He’s getting better, he’s putting in extra work. He’s getting an individual session at the end of every practice, and some of the receivers sticking behind to make sure he’s getting his work in, to try to get him back not only to full health, but confidence with regards to the knee, his fundamentals, recapturing everything. It’s been a month now since he’s played, and his practices are limited. He gets some snaps with the show team, but it’s not all of them. So we’re just trying to monitor and make sure he gets back to full health and confidence.”

How soon Wilson will return to the field remains to be seen. When he does, the Jets need him to show signs of development. Something he didn’t show a lot of in his first six starts.

7 responses to “Robert Saleh: Jets need Zach Wilson to get back to “full health and confidence”

  1. The Jets are in panic mode because the talk that White is better than Wilson is hurting their “hang in there while the franchise QB learns” p.r. effort. They will trade or release White so they don’t look bad for picking Wilson. You see versions of this at every position during summer camp. Sometimes FAs outplay drafted players but they don’t make the team because the team can’t cut a draft pick or the GM takes heat.

  2. Tough to get him to fill health with unvaccinated colleagues in the QB room. What’s the hurry anyway, the Jets will only ruin his career faster when he does go back in

  3. Good luck getting his confidence back with the New York media and fans around.
    They drove Sam Darnold out of town and Wilson will be next.

    They don’t seem to realize you need to have a good supporting cast first then a QB.

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