Ole Miss quarterback Matt Corral posts farewell message, appears headed to NFL

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 06 Liberty at Ole Miss
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Ole Miss quarterback Matt Corral will play his final home game Saturday. Although he never mentions entering the NFL draft, Corral posted a lengthy farewell message to Rebel Nation.

He called the game against Vanderbilt “my final game at The Vaught.”

“Thank you Ole Miss, and my brothers and I look forward to finishing this journey with Rebel Pride,” Corral wrote.

The move is not surprising.

Although he had an extra year of eligibility due to COVID-19 pandemic, Corral is projected to be a top draft choice next spring.

He is completing 66.7 percent of his passes with 17 touchdowns and two interceptions. He also has rushed for 10 touchdowns. Only nine players in the Power Five are responsible for more touchdowns than Corral.

Corral has the fourth-best odds to win the Heisman behind Alabama quarterback Bryce Young, Ohio State quarterback CJ Stroud and Michigan State running back Kenneth Walker III.

7 responses to “Ole Miss quarterback Matt Corral posts farewell message, appears headed to NFL

  1. I wonder if the Jets will be interested lol. This is their QB off year, give it another year they’ll be back in the market. I thought starting Zac Wilson this year behind an absolute garbage offensive line that is getting him flat out blasted and hit wayyy to much not give him the time he needs to read the field was a HUGE MISTAKE by the Jets especially considering they don’t have any real weapons. This year they’ll have a couple 1st round picks in the top 15 overall and a lot of cap space money to spend so id think they’ll have a much better OL and core of weapons at WR/TE next season. He was setup for failure this year with NO TIME at all to read the field n find his open man. I think the Jets would of been FAR BETTER off signing a journeyman Brian Hoyer type who Wilson could of learned behind as a rookie spending the year learning the offense before taking over next year when they actually had a solid NFL caliber OL n WR/TE corps. I wasn’t a believer in Zac Wilson coming out of school and so far I’ve been right but hopefully he takes a big step forward next season and plays well as id like to see NY finally fix the position.

    I also wasn’t big on the WR Elijah Moore pick when they could of had 5”8/185pds. Moore likely would of posted almost or a dead on perfect score had he of been taller as his RAS of 9.39 out of 10 was heavily negatively impacted by his height weight. Moore though tested as either thee best or among the best in his class across the board posting a 4.28 40 time w/ a 42.5 in vertical jump, 2.48 10 YD split w/ a 6.65 3 cone time all posting a 9.40 or better grade on every test including 25 reps of 225LBs.
    Moore hasn’t disappointed on the field either as for a rookie he’s been an absolute beast and is dangerous at all 3 levels of the field. Very good gaining YAC of screens, smooth route runner working the middle intermediate areas of the field and not many corners are covering this dude on vertical routes when he goes deep which just because of AZs depth at WR isn’t often. Guys on pace for 60-70 receptions for 650-700+YDs which I believe he goes over just based on how much he improves week to week.
    Rondale is an incredibly hard worker and excellent route runner who’s only getting better and he’s so smooth/fast when he plants his foot, pivots n then cuts it’s almost like he is gliding when route running, he’s the fastest I’ve ever seen in/out of his breaks/cuts route running. Rondale Moore reminds me of a mix between Tyreek Hill (with that rare elite caliber of explosive athleticism n speed. Hill posted a 9.39 Relative Athletic Score while Moore posted a 9.41 RAS) and Tyler Locket with Moores elite foot speed n crisp clean route running just sooo smooth in and out of his cuts. Rondale Moore is going to be an elite receiver and all pro caliber player for a long time in the NFL.
    This isn’t to say Elijah Moore will be bad, I think he will be an above average good NFL WR but they had the chance to grab a great WR and could of even moved back a few spots adding a pick n still landed Rondale. As short as NY is on elite explosive athletes/players a team like the NYJ cannot afford to miss on guys like Rondale Moore.

  2. The Lions will be very interested. If they dont pick a new QB and go with Goof for next year, I think the fans burn the stadium down? Oh, wait, no they go to the games expecting a different result.

  3. this is all dependent on the combine and what some draft gurus say! Most GM’s second guess themselves way too much and draft what the pundits will say “good Pick” so they don’t go enough with their “gut” instincts.

    Bill Does, and i’ve seen him mess with other teams before the draft. The Jets would probably have NOT taken Vernon Gholston, Bill knew that, he had him in for a few workouts and Eric Mangini got swayed. That’s just a minor example.

    Doesn’t always work this way. Mike Shanahan was sooo secretive on Jay Cutlter, he never had him in for a workout, never gave Any inclination that they were in the market for a QB< they had Jake Plummer.

    Cutler showed some promise, you could see the potential, my opinion is, he didn't want it enough. Back to my main point, much more due diligence needed before making a decision

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