Saquon Barkley questionable vs. Buccaneers on Monday night

New York Giants v New Orleans Saints
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Giants running back Saquon Barkley has a chance to make his much-anticipated return on Monday Night Football.

The Giants have officially listed Barkley as questionable for the game against the Buccaneers.

Barkley has played in just five games this season and carried 54 times for 195 yards. He’s been plagued by injuries two years in a row. But the Giants hope they can get something out of him down the stretch.

In addition to Barkley, the Giants’ questionable players are running back Devontae Booker (hip), fullback Cullen Gillaspia (calf) and tight end Kaden Smith (knee).

The Giants have ruled out wide receiver Sterling Shepard (quad), linebacker Lorenzo Carter (illness/ankle), defensive back Nate Ebner (knee) and defensive back Logan Ryan (COVID-19).

12 responses to “Saquon Barkley questionable vs. Buccaneers on Monday night

  1. I loved watching Barkley in college and figured he would be a star in the pros. But you can’t shine if you are hurt all the time.

  2. I have a feeling he will be leaving New York once his contract ends and suddenly play for a good team and won’t be hurt all the time.

  3. I wonder what it’s like to see Barkley play. What a waste of a draft pick. The guy is always hurt.

  4. I suspect they are using the fact that he is indeed coming off an injury to keep the opponent guessing. If there was question whether he was ready to play again he would not have practiced on it these past couple weeks. Just my gut feeling on this.

  5. For a guy who gets the size of his calves and thighs highlighted all the time, he sure has tons of lower body injuries.

  6. 2nd overall pick on the quickest position to deteriorate and the easiest to replace because of supply and demand. Even if he had been available 50% more, and produced 50% more it’s still an AWFUL pick because of the dynamics in the league now. Need to say with that 2nd overall pick ok we hope we have a player near the top of his position for 5-6 years and a player who will be on the roster a decade. A chance at a gold jacket 5 years after the career. QB, Tackle, DE and OLB beasts who get to the passer. Dynamic pass catchers maybe, but even they now are more available. NYG had the chance to push hard and effect the course of the franchise. Instead they have a pick, a player the offense is supposed to use heavily, an opportunity squandered, doing NOTHING.

  7. Judge is now saying if Ryan tests negative today and tomorrow, he will play. There’s no expectation this will happen but he hasn’t been ruled out… officially.

  8. That being said, team charter leaves today and Ryan can’t be on it per league rules. I doubt he could fly commercial, so he’d have to hire a private plane if cleared tomorrow. So essentially he’s out.

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