Baker Mayfield doesn’t talk to media after Sunday’s win

Detroit Lions v Cleveland Browns
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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield heard boos from the home crowd during Sunday’s ugly 13-10 win over the Lions, but he didn’t share his feelings about the game or the reaction with reporters after the game.

The Browns told reporters that Mayfield declined to hold a media session after the win. They did not say if he was receiving medical treatment, which is usually the only way for a player to avoid being available after a game.

Mayfield is dealing with knee, left shoulder, and foot injuries and could be seen limping at points in the second half. Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski said he was cleared to remain in the game.

“He’s toughing it out and battling,” Stefanski said in his postgame press conference.

Mayfield was 15-of-29 for 176 yards, a touchdown, and two interceptions on Sunday. The Browns will be in Baltimore next Sunday before a Week 13 bye.

28 responses to “Baker Mayfield doesn’t talk to media after Sunday’s win

  1. Maybe he shouldn’t worry about his rubbish progressive commercials, or worrying about an execution of a death row inmate, and prepare for the next game plan.

  2. The Browns are in a mess here. They shouldn’t resign him to a long-term big money deal but cant really roll with Keenum for the future.

  3. Tough will only take you so far you need to have a grasp at what your responsibilities are as the quarterback. I think Mayfield is struggling in that area at this time and it is hurting the whole team at this time

  4. Obviously the guy is playing through to justify whatever contract will be offered, be it by Cleveland or someone else. This is why you take the ridiculous amount of money that is first offered instead of holding out for a ludicrous amount of money.

  5. A turrible group of receivers, playing through a multitude of injuries, and yet still the Cleveland ‘faithful’ still boo him.
    He’s not a particularly good quarterback, but these are worse fans.

  6. Damn! Baker somehow managed to top TB12!

    Tommy only sulks off the field after losing a game. He’d never miss an opportunity to pose for the cameras after a win!

  7. From Brady Quinn to Spurgeon Wynn, Cleveland has suffered through the worst in qb’s and Baker is still loved and appreciated by this town. This is a team whose qb was once tackled by a flag. He’s just struggling now. Having said that, I didn’t hear any boos.

  8. Maybe he wants to go hide after Mac Jones showed him up last week with amazingly accurate ball placement. Mayfield’s passes are lucky to get within 10 yards of a receiver, good way to get them injured. If he wants to claim he’s injured then he should sit down and let his backup play.

  9. Mayfield is mentally weak, and cant handle adversity which is why he can never beat good teams, which is why he went to Oklahoma where he could beat up on cream puffs. So today he was receiving medical treatment to get out of an interview? I dont buy it, just like his fake knee injury last week. Browns need to move on from this clown. Let me list the excuses Browns fans have made for Mayfield since they drafted him:

    1. Was Hue Jackson’s fault
    2. Was Freddie Kitchen’s fault
    3. He had a bad performance because the weather was bad (Last year)
    4. OBJ is the problem
    5. He is playing bad due to injuries (that’s a lie)
    6. Now the new addition via malcolm reynolds, now he doesnt have WRs. (Couldn’t be the fact that he missed 10 wide open receivers today)

    Browns fans think its everyone’s fault but their crappy QBs. He is the problem, not everyone else.

    LOL. Browns fans know no bounds in their excuses for him.

  10. Probably should just sit him until after the bye week. Give Keenum all the reps this week, try and squeak one out against the Ravens (not likely with or without Baker), and then reevaluate. He’s a mess. The Browns aren’t winning many more games with Baker in this condition.

  11. I’ll admit, for some reason I love his commercials. Can’t stand him in the least in any other scenario. Such a baby.

  12. Booing the QB that finally made the Browns relevant again? Classy fans. Hate when the fair weather fans boo the same players that they’ll cheer their heads off for when times are good. No loyalty. Tools.

  13. brownsfandrinkingmakersmark says:
    November 21, 2021 at 6:43 pm
    Probably should just sit him until after the bye week. Give Keenum all the reps this week, try and squeak one out against the Ravens (not likely with or without Baker), and then reevaluate. He’s a mess. The Browns aren’t winning many more games with Baker in this condition.

    He shouldn’t have played this week. If we can’t beat the Lions with Keenum we don’t deserve to make the playoffs. It’s clear he’s hurt and needs time to heal as he’s doing nothing to elevate the offense.

  14. howboutthemcowboys2020 says:
    November 21, 2021 at 6:40 pm

    “^”…Oh yeah! That is all I got.

    Check out his wife’s Instagram. She is calling out other players for being soft.

  15. Its taking Browns fans 4 years to realize what I knew before they drafted this clown. It’s taking Browns fans 1.5 years to figure out what I knew after Game 1 of Kevin Stefanki’s HC career. He is the most moronic play caller in the NFL right now. Mayfield is awful, and he throws him constantly, Nick Chubb is a beast and he barely gets the ball, and they pull him out of the game constantly. The Browns deserve to lose with these 2 losers.

  16. Baker is hurt because of Baker. He threw an INT and got hurt tackling the DB. Baker then holds the ball during the Cardinals game trying to make the 14 point play and gets blown up by Watts. Both are Baker injuries.

  17. Hey, ‘howboutthemcowboys2020’, I think you better worry about your trash
    QB Dak Prescott, get off the Browns website and get lost with your trash-talk about Baker Mayfield. Remember, Baker Mayfield and the Browns own your Cowboys.

  18. I don’t think they were booing him as much as the predictable play calling. The offense doesn’t fool anybody anymore.

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