Baker Mayfield’s wife posts, then deletes, Instagram message that his teammates “should get tougher”

Detroit Lions v Cleveland Browns
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On a day when Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield declined to fulfill his mandatory media obligations after a game, his wife voluntarily made a comment on social media. Before deleting it.

Via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Emily Mayfield wrote this on her Instagram story: “No one better say anything bad about Baker Mayfield after this game. I don’t think I have seen toughness like this in a while. Maybe the rest our team should take the hint and get tougher.”

Mayfield has played since Week Two with a left shoulder injury. He has a knee injury and heel injury, too.

That didn’t stop fans from booing Mayfield on multiple occasions on Sunday, as the Browns barely beat the woeful Lions, 13-10. Per Cabot, Mayfield left the field after the game “with his head down and a stern look on his face without celebrating the victory with any of his teammates or acknowledging any of the players on the opposing team.” There also were no handshakes with fans or acknowledgment of them, in any way.

The Browns next play at home in three weeks, hosting the Ravens. Before then, the Browns face at Baltimore next Sunday night and then embark on their bye week.

30 responses to “Baker Mayfield’s wife posts, then deletes, Instagram message that his teammates “should get tougher”

  1. Now let’s wait and see if Cleveland fans will have the same energy for Baker’s wife they had for OBJ’s dad.

  2. “Don’t be mean to my husband” is going to be about as effective online as “Leave my son alone”. Seems to always be a whole lot of emotional huffing and puffing from someone or other in Cleveland these days.

  3. Cleveland wanted for years a QB that would lay it all out there. They finally get one and they want to run him out of town. Baker may not be an elite QB but I wouldn’t question the guys toughness.

  4. Cleveland fans are the worst. They turn ruthlessly on opposing fans and eat their own during a loss. Karma again in full effect.
    Mayfield will go elsewhere and light it up.Cleveland’s future? 0-17.

  5. The Browns have no playmaking receivers. They had one in Odell but barely ever got him involved. Now they make it a priority to get a mediocre receiver like Jarvis Landry involved. Odell was never the problem, Baker is just a bum.

  6. When did she have time to post this? Shouldn’t she and Baker be getting the stadium cleaned up for the next home game.

  7. If Mayfield gets a fat contract he and his wife need to give some to Chubb. This team doesnt win without him.

  8. Everyone that wants Baker gone will be wishing for him when the Browns can’t get a decent QB through the draft or free agency.

  9. Baker has a shoulder, knee and heel injury. Why is he still out there? Give the guy some time to heal.

  10. So he’s a crash test dummy? Great.
    Right now I’m watching old timer Ben bring the Steelers back from 2 td’s down to tie it up late in the 4th, cause that’s what great qb’s do – that’s what we need. If Baker is this much of a baby, I don’t think it’s gonna work out for him in CLE – and of course, we got rid of OBJ for nothing. He might of been fine and productive with Case.

  11. When healthy Baker is a stud. Today Colt McCoy was the better QB. Think about that. Baker needs to get healthy and step aside until he does.

  12. Players want to play. Stefanski doesn’t have the fortitude to bench an injured player. Players were making catches even on horrible throws. He’s so banged up, he can’t even throw an accurate screen. I love Baker but coach needs to bench him until his mechanics are stable.

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