Bengals snap losing streak with 32-13 win over Raiders


The Bengals and Raiders both came into Sunday’s game with two-game losing streaks and the Raiders will be taking a three-game streak into Dallas for their Thanksgiving game against the Cowboys.

Joe Mixon ran for two touchdowns and Joe Burrow threw another as the Bengals broke open a close game late. The 32-13 win pushes their record to 6-4 ahead of next Sunday’s home game against the Steelers.

The Raiders cut the Bengals lead to 16-13 early in the fourth quarter on a Derek Carr touchdown pass, but the Bengals answered with a 12-play drive that ate up nearly seven minutes and ended with wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase scoring a touchdown. Carr’s attempt to rally his team again went up in smoke when cornerback Eli Apple picked him off and Mixon sprinted 27 yards for a score.

Carr would lose a fumble on a Trey Hendrickson sack just after the two minute warning and, after the Raiders called three timeouts to extend the game, Evan McPhearson’s fourth field goal of the day eliminated what little doubt may have remained about the final outcome.

Mixon had 27 carries for 121 yards overall and Burrow was 20-of-29 for 148 yards while being sacked three times. He lost a fumble on the first of those, but the Raiders were only able to turn it into a field goal after returning the ball inside the 10-yard-line. The Raiders also hurt themselves with seven penalties for 77 yards on a day when they only generated 143 yards of offense in the first three quarters of the game.

If the Raiders can’t stop the bleeding in Dallas, they’ll fall below .500 on the season and it will be harder to feel confident in their ability to avoid the kind of late season nosedive that they experienced in each of the last two seasons.

20 responses to “Bengals snap losing streak with 32-13 win over Raiders

  1. Rich Bisaccia isn’t the answer.

    Greg Olson is a terrible play caller.

    We should hire Gruden back.

  2. Greg olson is the most inept playcaller imaginable, always has been. Carr in a crazy funk right now, and its not that he played bad but hes makin bone headed ints recently under pressure. We needed this game bad and we blew it. refs suck too btw.

  3. Started off ugly and rusty, which is probably to be expected after an off week, but finished strong. Good job Bengals I’m feeling better. Offensive line though – do better!

  4. Never known an organization to consistently get the least out of their talent. So much less than the sum of their parts most years. Not sure what the answer is but Mark Davis doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence as to what the answer is.

  5. Joe Burrow is the franchise QB,no doubt there. When this season concludes,the Cincinnati Bengals coaching staff and front office need to focus on drafting and developing offensive lineman. Joe being protected should be first priority.

  6. The Raiders defense practically gifted the Bengals that first TD with all those drive-extending penalties. They have to eliminate the idiotic penalties. And don’t even get me started on the offense. Why are we running on third and long???

  7. What should be a bigger story in all this though, and MF from PFT should really be all over this, is that an almost 2 billion dollar stadium has a field of crap. It’s as bad as Heinz Field turf

  8. raideralex99 says:
    November 21, 2021 at 8:17 pm
    Oh look Bengals only got one 5 yard penalty … I’m shocked.

    You obviously haven’t watched many Cincinnati games recently.

  9. Great win. It started like it was going to be s smash mouth football -low scoring game but then Cincy broke lose in the 2nd half.
    Who Dey

  10. I am not sure why the comments on penalties. The penalties I saw were legitimate penalties. The knockdown of Burrow three steps after he threw the ball. The spear to Boyd, and the pass interference, all seemed like good calls. The twelve players on the field penalty is non-disputable. The only penalty that could have been “questionable” was the late hit on Apple after the interception, and even that one was pretty stupid on the Raiders part.

  11. Raiders fans need to stop supporting that team until Davis sells the team to an ownership group that has the ability to create a winning environment. Until that happens, the raiders will never be a functional organization and will never be a viable contender except for the occasional few games.

  12. It was a nasty defensive minded game, the final Score was not indicative of how close that game was. Glad the bengals could muster just enough offense to win.

  13. Kudos to the Bengals Defense. They showed up today! I’m sure Burrow agrees. He did exactly what he said he would, take what they gave me. Let Mixon do the rest!

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