Chiefs get five sacks, three takeaways, hold Cowboys out of end zone in 19-9 win

Dallas Cowboys v Kansas City Chiefs
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Everyone expected a Super Bowl matchup in Kansas City. Perhaps the Cowboys and Chiefs meet in the Super Bowl in 12 weeks, but Sunday’s game did not live up to expectations.

The Chiefs beat the Cowboys 19-9 in a defensive battle rather than the anticipated offensive shootout.

Chris Jones, not Patrick Mahomes, was the star for the Chiefs; Micah Parsons, not Dak Prescott, was the star for the Cowboys; and kickers Harrison Butker and Greg Zuerlein accounted for 16 of the points.

Jones had five tackles, 3.5 sacks, a forced fumble, a fumble recovery and tipped a pass that was intercepted. Jones, who had had back and wrist injuries earlier in the season, entered the game with only three sacks.

Parsons had four tackles, two sacks and a forced fumble Sunday. He has tied DeMarcus Ware’s team rookie record with eight sacks this season and seven games left to break that and possibly Jevon Kearse’s rookie NFL record of 14.5 set in 1999.

The Cowboys have struggled against the AFC West: They beat the Chargers 20-17 in Week 2, lost to the Broncos 30-16 in Week 9 and were held out of the end zone Sunday despite three possessions in the red zone. That’s a 1-2 record, having been outscored 66-45, with the struggling Raiders next up on the schedule on Thanksgiving Day.

Dallas falls to 7-3, allowing the Eagles (5-6) and Washington (4-6) to draw closer. The Chiefs improved to 7-4 with their fourth consecutive victory.

Kansas City gained 370 yards to the Cowboys’ 276.

Dallas was playing without left tackle Tyron Smith (ankle), receiver Amari Cooper (COVID-19), defensive end Randy Gregory (calf) and defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence (fractured foot). Running back Ezekiel Elliott tweaked his ankle in the first quarter, though he played through it, and receiver CeeDee Lamb left with a concussion on the team’s final offensive play of the first half.

With the receivers dropping four passes and the offensive line allowing five sacks, Prescott had no chance. He turned it over three times, losing a fumble and throwing two interceptions.

Prescott went 28-of-43 for 216 yards and two interceptions. He averaged only 5.02 yards per attempt. The Cowboys gained 77 yards on a meaningless final drive that ended in an interception by L’Jarius Sneed.

Mahomes went 23-of-37 for 260 yards and an interception. He also lost a fumble. Tyreek Hill caught nine passes for 77 yards and had a 33-yard run.

33 responses to “Chiefs get five sacks, three takeaways, hold Cowboys out of end zone in 19-9 win

  1. The Chiefs offense is still struggling…. But dang, that defense shut Dallas down. Lots of people picked Dallas to win. To note, KC is now 5-0 against the NFC this year… Sorry Troy, your boys lost, we could hear your desperation all game.

  2. Chiefs rise up from CapHell to take an easy win over the Cowboys. The crappy defense holds the #1 NFL offense to three field goals while stepping all over that premium Oline with 5 sacks and holding the #1 NFL QB to zero TDs, 2 Ints, and a fumble lost. Chris Jones (4sacks)threw Martin around like a rag doll.

    In case you weren’t looking, the best team in Texas today played the Titans.

  3. Chris Jones was having a day. The Chief’s defense has stepped mightly recently. If the chiefs can get consistent performance from the Offense they have the ability to get hot at the right time.

  4. We should bring up the bad calls during this game that the chiefs benefited from… you can clearly see the league orchestrating who they want in the playoffs. Cowboys will be safe. Chiefs needed this win more than cowboys. I’m just waiting for the nfl to have their nba scandal and fall guy after they made millions if not billions off gambling.

  5. Wait, all I heard all week was “Dallas is back” after a big win vs. the hapless Falcons. What happened ?? LOL.

  6. Looks like that Eagles-Cowboys game at the end of the season could be for the NFC East crown, after all.

  7. Every TV analyst with the exception of all people, Jimmy Johnson picked Dallas. Bradshaw even went as far to say Dallas would blow out the Chiefs and dominate. I dont know what was worse Dak and his offensive line or having to listen to Joe Buck and Troy Aikman be so lopsided calling another game for their home team. Come to think of it the taunting call on CEH was the worst.

  8. As a Cowboys fan, all I can do is look at the ground and say in a low voice “At least we beat Atlanta.” But seriously, what has happened to the running game? Getting to caught up trying to show how good we can throw the ball?

  9. “We should bring up the bad calls during this game that the chiefs benefited from… you can clearly see the league orchestrating who they want in the playoffs.”

    Prescott inaccurate with 3 turnovers, Cowboys vaunted line couldn’t block defense, receivers dropped passes, penalties, but yeah, I see your point: Cowboys lost because mean refs didn’t want them to win. Got it.

  10. Anyone who thought the referees favored the chief need their blood alcohol level checked. This taunting nonsense is ridiculous. I understand getting in someone’s face or using slurs. But to lose 15 yards because you point a finger?
    The NFL is going to legislate itself into oblivion

  11. Just because Jerry paid Dak Prescott a ton of money does not make him a great Quarterback.

  12. Chiefs Defense gets most improved unit by far sheesh. Mahomes better buy them all Lambos or something.

  13. Once again, Dallas proves they are a pretender. They’ll be lucky to even win the NFC East over Philadelphia at this point. They are fading and will make a quick playoff exit, if they get there at all.

  14. The Dallas Cowboys Television Network AKA Fox’s #1 team???? sucked once again today. I thought Troy was gonna cry in the 4th quarter. They’re absolutely terrible

  15. It was just one of those days. Dropping balls refs etc. rise up for Raiders. Keep the faith. Get our guys back before the season is over. Keep the faith. Just make the dance.

  16. Dakota never has been able to handle the blitz or pressure. Before he snapped his drumstick, he would run like there is no tomorrow. Apparently running is no longer in his toolbox and he looks pretty mediocre.

  17. A few days ago Jerry was bragging about how they could score at all levels…. Imagine not talking until after games…

  18. I think I just heard Skip Bayless’s head explode. Going to be interesting hearing what excuse he’s going to come up with come Monday morning.

  19. The KC defense played lights out today, I tip my hat to them, Spagnulo is a good coach and showed why today, on to Thursday to right the ship

  20. Not hard when Dallas was short a starting left tackle, #1 WR, #2WR after half, both starting defensive ends and depth players on both sides of the ball

  21. Thanks Cooper for getting covid and not being there for your team. Word is you will miss next week too. Thats great, just great. Hope they dont have to pay you

  22. Even if Dallas was healthy they weren’t winning this game. They’re not ready to take the next step. Dak is nothing but a stat stuffer, reminds me a lot of Matt Stafford.

  23. I thought KC was back. Anyways, the Cowboys missing their top 2 receivers didn’t help much. Of course one was self inflicted due to protocols that could’ve been avoided, and it made the Chiefs defense look like it was good lol.

  24. The cowboys are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you going to get. D-line was bad today. O-line was worse I guess you don’t want to change your left guard when your starting left tackle is still out. You can’t have Parsons lining up at right D end all game, he will wear down as season goes on. And LVE can’t carry a receiver down the field. Roster still needs help to play good enough to contend every week.

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