Jalen Hurts runs for three touchdowns as Eagles beat Saints

New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles
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Quarterbacks don’t usually run for three touchdowns in a game. But Jalen Hurts is an unusual quarterback.

Hurts had an outstanding game running the ball today in Philadelphia, scrambling through the Saints’ defense with a three-touchdown game in a 40-29 win.

Overall Hurts completed just 13 of 24 passes for 147 yards, but his 69 rushing yards were impressive, as were the 94 yards rushing for Miles Sanders and the 63 for Jordan Howard. The Eagles were criticized early in the season for not running enough, but now they’re one of the NFL’s best offenses on the ground.

The Saints’ offense struggled with backup Trevor Siemian, whose final numbers (22 of 40 for 214 yards, with three touchdowns and two interceptions) look better than he really was thanks to some late stat padding.

The Eagles are now 5-6 while the Saints are 5-5, and both teams are in a fight for a wild card berth. New Orleans currently has half a game on Philadelphia, but the Eagles have to feel a lot better about their quarterback situation than the Saints do.

13 responses to “Jalen Hurts runs for three touchdowns as Eagles beat Saints

  1. Eagles found their running game the past few weeks. They need to keep it up if they want to claw their way into the Wildcard race.

  2. Said it before the Eagles are a good team. The question has always been their coaching.

  3. Eagles have the easiest schedule next 5 weeks…Giants twice, Jets, WFT twice. They should be at worst 9-7 going into last week against Cowboys. If Dallas loses 3 of the next 7 they are 10-6. Eagles win and they win the division.

  4. “I hate losing to teams we’d normally smash… ”

    The only thing that got smashed was the myth of the Saints vaunted rushing defense. We ran the ball right down your throats, and we’ll keep doing it to every other team we face.

  5. Eagles are probably the last wild card team. They’ve been playing great since they stopped abandoning the run.

  6. NFC player of week. That was amazing. He’s fun to watch. Hope can start getting recognition he deserves.

  7. Horrible game called by Sean Peyton. Not the first this season but by far the worst. Did not properly adjust the offensive play calls to what was happening on the field. Defense was blown out by the run just like last time they played Philly. Contained Hurts this time but at the cost of letting running backs run free. Protecting Taysom Hill in case Seimian gets injured isn’t working. Use Hill instead and keep Seimian as backup. At least would give the offense more bite and options.

  8. I keep getting this feeling that hurts is gonna get to the playoffs and the eagles will sign him long term. I still don’t see yet how he wins 3 games in the playoffs against good teams without being able to throw the ball consistently. Smith should be closing in on a thousand yards with how many times he has been open. While I’m happy with the win, it could be fools gold.

  9. The Eagles are consistently improving. Nick has figured out the running game and it has done wonders. If they can get help at LB and on the lines moving forward, they could be a serious competitor next year. As for this year, I just hope for continued and consistent improvement. It’s at least fun to watch them play again!

  10. I love the people who bash the coach. The saints had no RB, no WR, and no QB. WHATS HE SUPOOSED TO DO DOPes?

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