Josh Allen: Bills aren’t executing and that starts with me

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
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Bills quarterback Josh Allen turned in an ugly performance in today’s loss to the Colts, and afterward he put the primary blame on himself.

Allen completed 21 of 35 passes for just 209 yards, with two touchdowns and two interceptions, in the 41-15 loss to Indianapolis.

“We know who we are. And that that we just put out of the field? That’s not who we are,” Allen said, via WKBW. “Execution is what it comes down to and we’re not executing at a high enough level right now. So that starts with me.”

Early in the season the Bills looked like the best team in the NFL, but they’ve lost two of their last three and Allen has not impressed. This is a team with Super Bowl aspirations, and they need to play better. Starting with the franchise quarterback.

16 responses to “Josh Allen: Bills aren’t executing and that starts with me

  1. Well that contract extension he signed this off-season sure looks like a raw deal for the Bills. Shame.

  2. It’s a long season but the Bills are sputtering right now.The second half of the season is where playoff teams show up.

  3. Said it last year, handing a big contract to Josh Allen, the Bills may end up in the same position the Eagles were in with Carson Wentz. Never pay a QB big money after only one good season.

  4. NE will win the AFCE this season. Sorry Bills mafia you had your one year run and that has passed.
    Figure out stopping Allen and you stop the Bills and that is what has happened

  5. Once a defense figures out a quarterback it’s over if the quarterback cannot adjust, ask Kap!

  6. LOL, Allen is great. This has zero to do with Allen, Diggs & co. Look at the absolutely horrific O line play, leaky pass protection, couple that with a horrific running game holes for the backs.. No one could play behind this O line with any success.

  7. It is not too early to panic Bills fans !
    The Bills still have to play NE, and this kind of offensive effort will not get the job done. Also, the NE defense is much better than the Colts defense, so that’s a concern.

    I know that Josh Allen has played better than this, but…I always wonder when a team gives out a huge extension a year early. The last example of Wentz and Goff did not end well for the original teams. The Jets gave Sanchez that extension a year early, as did Miami with Tannenhill.

  8. Default needs to be safe not reckless. Falls on Josh 100%. Love this kid but he is regressing and I believe he will turn it around. Eventually. Sad that they’ll likely have to play on the road now.

  9. Josh always takes the blame, which you want to see in a leader. He’ll never throw anyone under the bus.

    But he’s getting no help right now. The O-line can’t protect, and the Bills can’t run. It’s all on him.

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