Pete Carroll is the most frustrated he’s been during his time as Seahawks coach

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks
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A year after the Seahawks went 12-4 and won the NFC West, they’re free falling.

After Sunday’s loss at home to a Cardinals team that didn’t have Kyler Murray, coach Pete Carroll was asked whether this is the most frustrated he’s been as coach of the team.

“Yes,” he said after the game, via Curtis Crabtree of KJR radio. “Absolutely. Not even close.”

It’s no surprise. They’ve had a winning record every year since 2012, and they haven’t lost nine games under Carroll since 2010 and 2011, his first two seasons with the team.

With seven games to go and seven losses already in the books, an 8-9 finish requires a 5-2 closing kick. The team has done little lately to suggest it’s ready to go 5-2.

The question then will become the changes that will be made after a lost season. Quarterback Russell Wilson may want out again. Already, fans are questioning whether they want Wilson or Carroll to return.

That leads to a more important question regarding the structure of the team. Jody Allen inherited the Seahawks from her brother, Paul, who died in 2018. Vulcan, Inc. manages the various properties owned and operated by Jody Allen. It’s not clear whether any one specific person has both the clear and direct authority and the will to make a big decision like changing the football team’s coach.

Allen presumably has the power, but does she have the inclination to use it? It’s a fair question; when football teams change hands within a family, sometimes family members don’t really care about the team the same way that the deceased owner did. In Cleveland, for example, Randy Lerner wasn’t all that engrossed in the Browns after his father, Al, died. In Seattle, the extent to which Jody Allen will be involved during the bad times is something many will be watching if the franchise continues to disintegrate.

29 responses to “Pete Carroll is the most frustrated he’s been during his time as Seahawks coach

  1. Stick a fork in him he is done, big changes coming this off season. Pete will not be a part of them.

  2. Wilson is to blame also. He holds onto the ball way too long and he is horrible at going through his reads. I think his best days are behind him.

  3. Sadly…..the game has TOATLLY passed by Pete Carroll. Let Shane Waldron coach this team next year. The O-Line can’t stop a fly, time to to rebuild it. Start in the trenches and build outwards.

  4. John Schneider has been quietly lobbying Jody Allen for control over personnel decisions, at least that’s what I’m hearing is going on behind the scenes. If Pete can’t live with that, he’s out.

  5. For being the oldest Coach in the NFL, my hats off to him. Realistically the INT in the SuperBowl drained everyone’s morale. It was hard to recover from that, they possibly could’ve won 3 in a row. Nothing wrong with calling it a career, he’s been successful.

  6. As a Lions fan I watch this Seattle situation both understanding the frustration with a bad season by their standards but also shaking my head at the burn it all down inclination. It is very true, that roster has gotten into an unbalanced position and using high end draft assets for ready now players has added salary while limiting the ability to bring in cost assured, young talent in the upper rounds of the draft. But still, nothing but winning seasons, competitive every year, 2 SB appearances, 1 win. A QB1, WR1, Homefield, and HC that I think most would take. Don’t be too eager to say I dont like the house this year as much let’s demolish it and see about new blueprints. You’ve had a good thing for a long while, mostly. Many other franchises and fan bases including my woeful Lions are envious of what you have had dont be too much in a rush to throw it all away.

  7. Us Bronco fans know a little something about losing an owner that cared about the team, only to watch it get torn apart by a “trust”. We call dibs on Bezos! You thought Belichick knew how to cheat?! Alexa!!! Please listen in on the Chiefs locker room!

  8. If Pete’s frustrated just imagine how the Fans feel. This team’s window was a very small one. First the Superbowl Victory and then the SuperBowl loss that basically castrated Pete and the Seahawks in general. This team is in long term trouble and I don’t expect Petey to fix it. It just keeps getting worse.

  9. If I were running the Seahawks I would get rid of Carrol over Wilson, top tier QBs are not easy to find. Carol’s time with he Seahawks is up. USC needs a coach, go back to Manhattan Beach and the college game.

  10. Seattle doesn’t need an overhaul…but there are major issues in coaching, drafting, and talent…why is Ken Norton Jr. Still coaching? The offensive coordinator from last year got fired…Norton Jr. Has a 31st ranked defense this year…nothing original or special going on in Seattle right now….

  11. Worst teams in the NFL. Seattle, Houston and Jacksonville. Seattle has the best QB. What does that tell you?

  12. Whatever happened to Doug Pederson? Not sure if he’s still in the coaching profession but if he is, he might be a good choice to replace Pete. He knows offense and might be a good match with Wilson.

  13. Pete Carroll Can’t hang with the younger innovative Coaches in his division Kingbury, Shanahan and McVay. Seattle is going to bad for awhile as long as Pete is the Coach

  14. Everyone wants to blame Carrol and Schneider, but let’s examine the behaviour of the franchise QB over the last few years:

    * Held out for as much money as he could
    * Campaigned for the team to sign bigger stars. Team went out and overpaid for Adams
    * Campaigned for more quality on the Oline, even though he’s probably the hardest QB in the NFL to protect. Team made some moves
    * Campaigned for a new scheme / the offense to flow through him. Team fired the OC.
    * Actively expressed his dissatisfaction with the team and had his agent tell everyone which teams he’d move to

    All this, and he seems overly occupied with his own legacy, to the point where the teams he was saying he’d be willing to join were ones where he was thinking about life after football.

    How do you expect to win when the guy in the most important position acts like this?

    Remember, they only won when he was on a rookie deal.

  15. fumblenuts says:
    November 21, 2021 at 9:48 pm
    Sadly…..the game has TOATLLY passed by Pete Carroll
    Their preseason o/u last year was 9.5 wins. They went 12-4 for their 9th consecutive winning season and won the best division in the NFL.

    So you really think the game has radically changed that much in the 7 months between the end of last season and the start of this season?

    Or is it more likely that 10 years of sustained excellence in the salary cap era is nearly impossible and a top heavy roster racked by injuries was overdue for a down year after years of trading away draft picks?

  16. Does everyone realize how incredibly rare 9 consecutive winning seasons is?

    The Brady/Belichick Patriots are the only team in the Salary Cap era with a longer streak. The Colts from 2002-2010 also had 9, but that was with 2 different coaches. No one else has more than 8 (though KC will likely get there this year).

    Down years happen. Roster turnover, assistant coach turnover, injuries, etc. Nobody (outside the Patriots) stays good forever. Even before the Salary Cap era, only Tom Landry had more. In 10 years the Walsh/Montana 49ers had 3 losing seasons and only won more than 10 games 3 times.

    Perspective, folks. Y’all are spoiled.

  17. You look at the results…

    The mounting issues with Wilson..

    The poor draft selections The last few seasons…aside from DK Metcalf..

    Metcalf suddenly morphing into a Diva…and almost done with rookie contract…

    And the team suddenly looking increasingly outdated…

    I think Pete is going to continue to be frustrated.

  18. Brandon in Northwest Suburbia says:
    November 21, 2021 at 11:32 pm
    Does everyone realize how incredibly rare 9 consecutive winning seasons is?

    The Brady/Belichick Patriots are the only team in the Salary Cap era with a longer streak. The Colts from 2002-2010 also had 9, but that was with 2 different coaches. No one else has more than 8 (though KC will likely get there this year).
    Steelers have had 17 consecutive years since posting a losing record.

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