Report: Lamar Jackson “50-50” to play with latest non-COVID illness

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins
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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has had multiple non-COVID illnesses this season, but he has yet to miss a game over any of them. On Sunday, there’s reportedly a real chance that he will.

Jackson is “50-50” to play against the Bears with his latest non-COVID illness, according to Adam Schefter of

Jackson missed practice on Wednesday and Thursday due to the illness. He fully participated on Friday, and he had no designation on the final injury report. Then, on Saturday, the Ravens changed his status to questionable.

Technically, 50-50 is the absolute low end of questionable. At 49-51, he’d properly be listed as doubtful.

Soon enough, we’ll find out whether he plays today.

Earlier this year, Jackson missed the Thursday practice in Week Three due to an illness, and the Thursday practice in Week Six with an illness. In Week Four, he didn’t practice on Wednesday or Thursday with a back injury.

12 responses to “Report: Lamar Jackson “50-50” to play with latest non-COVID illness

  1. Lamar has missed a ton of practice. Which means Huntley has had a ton of time with the 1st teamers.

  2. The conspiracy side of me wants to think Vegas bookies want people to put their cash down on the Bears (5.0+).

    He’ll play.

  3. Vegas is already becoming very good at this. Just think in a few years when they have even more pull fro the inside.

  4. timinkc says:
    November 21, 2021 at 9:13 am
    Dude seems to get sick really often for someone so young and fit. Weird.

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    He’s had Covid twice, so all of his organs have been weakened. Any future ilnesses he will be very susceptible to including any seasonal flu.

    The anti-vaxx group are not only spreaders and a detriment, having Covid can really mess with someone with pre-existing issues or weaker genetics.

    These are the facts we know about the virus and what it can do.

  5. Either Lamar’s starting to play hardball, or he needs to get a general check up on his health. The guy’s had COVID twice. with the long-tern effects of that it’s going to play a part in his overall health, surely?

  6. He’s been spending too much time as his own agent, to get a deal. Which is odd since I don’t remember him getting a law degree. But he is after all, Mr Regular Season, and perhaps is saving himself for a playoff push?

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