Rex Ryan: I talked to Robert Saleh, he’s got a great plan for the Jets

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The war of words between Jets coach Robert Saleh and former Jets coach Rex Ryan has come to an end.

After Ryan bashed Saleh this week and Saleh fired back, the two talked privately. And Ryan said this morning on ESPN that he now thinks highly of Saleh and thinks the Jets are heading in the right direction.

“I was blown away by the guy,” Ryan said. “He’s got a direction for this football team. I’m telling you, Jets fans, the more I talked to him, the more impressed I was with Robert Saleh. I became a fan of his. Taking my call and all that speaks volumes about him. But it was more about, we put that stuff behind us. But it was about the future of this team, and I’m just telling you something, this guy’s got a great plan and I think they got it right.”

It’s been an ugly start to Saleh’s tenure with the Jets, and their defense looks like the worst in the NFL right now. But at least Saleh no longer has to worry about a very loud critic in Ryan.

26 responses to “Rex Ryan: I talked to Robert Saleh, he’s got a great plan for the Jets

  1. That’s how you do it! Respect the different opinion. There’s more than one way to do most things.

  2. What Jets fan can’t be happy to hear Former Loser Coach approve of the direction taken by Present Loser Coach?

  3. Rex playing nice because he realizes if he bashes Head Coaches, he will never ever become one again…

  4. I’ve seen many poor offenses. I think with Saleh’s Jets, they just don’t have the talent yet. The scheme looks good, in what I’ve seen…

  5. Ryan’s just doing his job. He’s supposed to be a little bit of a loud mouth. That’s his deal. He’s going to offend some people, but obviously there’s an audience that craves bashing people, or they wouldn’t have Ryan on TV. He’s actually a decent guy. Saleh is a great motivator. He’s a good coach. A very likeable person. His players will play hard for him. But you have to have the horses to win in the NFL. It’s not high school where you can out-coach teams. It’s also a QB league. The Jets could have a young elite QB in Zach Wilson. Wilson stepped into perhaps the worst environment possible for a young QB. Lots of change. All new schemes and staff, etc. Compare that to a team like New England where they have the best possible environment, with all the stability. Nothing has changed in decades. It takes more time to climb out of a deep hole, than it does to roll down a hill with well-worn paths. Not to mention the jets recently unloaded a couple potential HOF studs on defense. There’s a lot to re-build. I’m not sure Saleh has final say on personnel. Whether you’re Chuck Noll, Bill Walsh, or Jimmy Johnson, all took over dumpster fires, and none of them turned it around without overhauling the roster. The conversation probably touched on a few of these points, and Ryan wasn’t born yesterday. He grew up in the game. Ryan is a tough man with a soft heart. We live in an era where they try to make us choose sides. I like both these guys. I’m glad they spoke.

  6. What is Rex talking about? The team is awful and Saleh looks lost. He made more sense the first time.

  7. The bigger story here is that Saleh felt the need to explain anything to professional loud mouth Ryan

  8. I kind of don’t understand Rex here. Everything he said was correct. But you talk to the guy on the phone and it’s just not true anymore? Feels kinda weak to me.

  9. Saleh likely left Ryan a voice message saying he was going to kick his butt if he didn’t shut up.

  10. f007ball says:
    November 21, 2021 at 11:08 am

    And surely it reminds Rex of his old masterful plan for the Jets

    And how he was going to take Buffalo to the Super Bowl.

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