Tyler Huntley leads Ravens to comeback win over Bears

Baltimore Ravens v Chicago Bears
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No Lamar Jackson? No problem for the Ravens.

With Jackson out of the game because of an illness, Tyler Huntley stepped in and led the Ravens on a touchdown drive in the closing minutes to win 16-13 at Chicago.

The Bears were also down to their backup quarterback after Justin Fields suffered a rib injury. Andy Dalton stepped in and led Chicago to a late 13-9 lead with a couple of touchdown passes, but it was not enough.

For most of the game, three Justin Tucker field goals were the Ravens’ only points. But Huntley finally got hot late as the Ravens won.

The Bears fall to 3-7 and may be out of realistic playoff contention, even in an NFC playoff race where a below .500 team can get in. This has been a disappointing season in Chicago.

The Ravens are still very much in the playoff race, improving to 7-3. And they’ll be even better once Jackson gets healthy.

20 responses to “Tyler Huntley leads Ravens to comeback win over Bears

  1. The Bears need to clean house tonight. Fire Nagy and Pace a total disgrace losing that game in that way and that’s on the coach.

  2. Snoozefest for 3.75 qtrs and a great one the last few minutes. Greg Roman is still clueless on game planning for a cover zero blitz

  3. Although Bear fans don’t realize in the face of this bone crushing loss the plan is working to perfection. It will take just a few more episodes of truly horrendous play like today to force the McCaskey family to end the Pace/Nagy regime. Can’t blame Fields, can’t blame the Red Rifle, and can’t blame injured and unavailable players not on the field. What a total mess. On top of the loss the whole game, save one play, was hardly what any Bear fan would call entertaining to watch.

  4. Nagy could have been fired after the 2019 season. He should have been fired after the 2020 season. It’s just crazy to think he’s still here, showing he doesn’t belong and not having a clue on offense. How much do us Bears fans have to endure?

  5. The only silver lining from today’s game was that nothing happened on the field to worsen the chances for the Bears to steal one from the Lions on turkey day. I just hope the game itself doesn’t spoil anyone’s turkey day fixings as the game itself as the smell of underdone turkey stuffing.

  6. Wink martindale is clueless as a defensive coordinator. The only reason the ravens won was cuz Nagy is more clueless. The Ravens need to fire Martindale tonight when they get back to Baltimore

  7. As a Bostonian living in Chicago, I root for the bears because my wife is from here, and you know, my patriots and ravens seeding situation.

    What I saw today was an abomination. McCaskey’s need to sell, Nagy and pace need to go. Congratulations on allowing Pace to sell NEXT YEAR’s 1st for Fields.

    So idiotic.

  8. As ugly as this game was, a silver-lining for the Ravens (because even winning, you need one for that kind of performance) was how much better the running game looked for most of the game. Boyle and Mekari back helps.

  9. mycommentawaitsmoderation says:
    November 21, 2021 at 4:49 pm

    Wink martindale is clueless as a defensive coordinator. The only reason the ravens won was cuz Nagy is more clueless. The Ravens need to fire Martindale tonight when they get back to Baltimore


    Clearly you don’t actually watch football….

  10. The really big issue is that the family should not allow the GM to trade future draft spots for almost washed up and very costly veterans with zilch potential to add to the team. As for the games remaining the draft position look better and better as this year’s record looks to get even worse.

  11. So much quit on display by the Bears today. I’m calling it here, the Bears will lose on Thanksgiving. And it still won’t be enough for the McCaskeys to make any changes.

  12. Ravens fans will go ballistic but the simple facts are that you didn’t lose much with Huntley as QB versus Lamar. Just look at his stats. He basically threw for the same yards and completion % and QBR as Lamar has done the past 4 games. There is no doubt he looks much less effective and obviously can’t scramble like Lamar can, but again, at the end of the day a QB plays a game and puts up a body of work and stats. And there was zero drop off from how Lamar has been playing recently.

  13. I hate the ravens but they are unfazed by a deficit.Congrats to them.

    They will need that win because my Steelers are gonna roll the chargers tonight.

  14. As much as it pains me to say, as a Ravens fan, they have not played well this year. They are basically a few plays away from being the 5-5 Vikings (as the Vikings are a few plays away from being the 7-3 Ravens).

    The Ravens need to figure this out, because if they play like they have for the last month against a GOOD/GREAT team, they will get rolled.

  15. I appreciate Holid’s honesty. On the one hand, give credit to the Ravens for hanging in there and winning games. On the other hand, you beat a terrible team today without its top 4 players and then its starting QB early in the game. Yes, I get it, your QB was out too, but barely beating a JV team to begin with that became a high-school team during the game does not exactly inspire confidence. Huntley really didn’t play much different than Lamar, either. Pretty much the same overall performance. So this team is a lot of smoke-and-mirrors and will not fare well against good teams… which is exactly what’s coming up for the rest of the season.

  16. That game wasn’t the blockbuster of the week. But it was football, and I’ll take it. Tucker was the difference maker.

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