Zac Stacy makes bail despite concerns of his victim and her lawyer

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Charged with two felonies arising from a horrifying video that showed him assaulting the mother of his young child, former NFL running back Zac Stacy has made bail.

Via the New York Post, Stacy was released Friday on $10,000 bond. The victim of the attack, Kristin Evans, disagrees with the decision, as does her lawyer.

Evans told WESH-TV that she had planned to participate in the bond hearing, but that the time changed on short notice.

“That just doesn’t seem right especially given the fact the judge saw the video,” her attorney, Thomas Feiter, told WESH-TV.
“He saw that horrific video of blatant egregious domestic violence committed on our client.”

Stacy faces up to 15 years for aggravated assault and up to five years for criminal mischief.

6 responses to “Zac Stacy makes bail despite concerns of his victim and her lawyer

  1. If Stacy hurts someone while out on bail, the judge should be held accountable and sentenced to prison. Being a judge is an important job. Maybe this judge didn’t have any problem with the way Stacy treated this woman. They should be organizing a recall immediately.

  2. This is how our justice system operates. I’ve known a few women who’ve gone through this kind of thing. Years ago a friend’s live-in BF choked her to the point where she almost passed out – she called the cops and they took him, but he was out within 3 days, and ultimately was sentenced to 3 months.

    The legal system and police don’t do anything to protect abused women (of victims of abuse in general). They basically say “we can’t do anything” and far too often the victims have no way to protect themselves or get away from the abuser.

    This is shocking just because it shows that the judge doesn’t care about the victim. This is awful.

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