Baker Mayfield says he doesn’t care about fans booing him

Detroit Lions v Cleveland Browns
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The Browns won on Sunday, but quarterback Baker Mayfield did not play well against a bad Lions defense, and he heard it from Cleveland fans who were not pleased about his play.

But while Mayfield heard boos, he says they don’t bother him. Mayfield said today that fans boo him sometimes and cheer at other times when he’s trying to call signals, so overall he’ll just try to tune them out.

“Those are probably the same fans who won’t be quiet on offense when we’re trying to operate,” Mayfield said. “So don’t really care.”

What Mayfield should care about is his poor play the last two weeks: He completed just 15 of 29 passes for 176 yards, with a touchdown and two interceptions in Sunday’s 13-10 win over Detroit, a week after putting up even worse numbers in a 45-7 loss to New England. The booing won’t stop until Mayfield plays better, and right now he’s not playing well enough to give the Browns much of a chance if they’re playing anyone other than the Lions.

16 responses to “Baker Mayfield says he doesn’t care about fans booing him

  1. Yeah this never ends well for the player saying these things. Isn’t the dude up for a contract extension too? Bad look bro.

  2. Good attitude by Baker. As soon as a player starts paying attention to obnoxious fans or the talking heads in the media, they are done.

  3. He isn’t helping himself.
    The Browns GM took one look at what happened to Goff and Wentz and decided not to rush an extension.

  4. His extention will be him not getting signed and extending a handshake with another team as a backup.

  5. Don’t ever insult your fan base. It does you zero favors even if you’re right. And honestly, they had every right to boo you on Sunday. You were terrible. Admit it and move on.

  6. Not sure about his QB skills at this stage of his career, but he’s pretty darn good at commercials.

  7. Mayfield has been pretty beat up this season. Its cold of the fans to boo someone who is playing with multiple injuries.

  8. Cleveland fans suck Baker. I wouldn’t sign a contract there. do your best while you were there. Go to free agency, sign with a real team, and have a much better career and life.

  9. Dudes skin is way too thin. If he doesn’t care then why blow off the post game presser? He just makes it worse on his self. He sucked, he was ashamed he sucked but couldn’t man up and take it. Yeah no way am I giving this guy an extension. I give him credit for playing through injury but you got to control your emotions.

  10. He’s always been an immature brat. All he does is run from accountability. Just ask the Oklahoma City police department. This is not the trait of a team leader. He constantly prioritizes himself over the team. He can’t possibly think he is a better option hurt than his backup QB who is more familiar with the playback than him. I can’t believe this head coach is letting him dictate his playing time like this. Kevin, take the team back before you lose the rest of them as well.

  11. Us Browns fans are just awful. 20 years of watching not just bad but attrocious QB play, we finally get a play off winning QB and what do we do? We throw this guy under the bus for a bad game (that he actually won throwing to 3rd string WRs by the way). Where were these comments when he dismantled the Bengals 3 weeks ago? I must have missed them.

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