Extra point success rate down to 92.9 percent, lowest since 1979

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NFL kickers are not getting any better at extra points. In fact, they’re getting worse.

After a bad day of kicking on Sunday, the NFL’s league-wide success rate on extra point kicks is just 92.9 percent. That’s the lowest mark since 1979, when kickers made 91.3 percent of extra points.

The NFL moved extra point kicks back by 13 yards in 2015, which made the kicks noticeably harder, but there was a widespread belief at the time that kickers would adjust and improve over time. That hasn’t happened. Here’s the extra point success rate for each of the last eight seasons, dating back to the last season before the NFL made extra points harder:

2021: 92.9 percent through Sunday.
2020: 93.0 percent.
2019: 93.9 percent.
2018: 94.3 percent.
2017: 94.0 percent.
2016: 93.6 percent.
2015: 94.2 percent.
2014: 99.3 percent.

Far from kickers getting better at the longer extra points with time to adjust, they have actually gotten a little worse. And this year’s accuracy rate is more likely to go down than go up, as kicking gets a little more difficult as weather turns colder.

Meanwhile, two-point conversion attempts have been successful 55 percent of the time this season. Meaning on average, a two-point conversion attempt will yield 1.1 points, and an extra point kick will yield 0.9 points. Teams ought to go for two more often, as extra point kicks are no longer automatic.

4 responses to “Extra point success rate down to 92.9 percent, lowest since 1979

  1. So, two point conversions are over 50% and PAT’s are under 100%. Doesnt take any hard logic to realize attempting kicks after touchdowns makes you bad at math and football.
    If you need 1 point to win a game late its one thing…but seeing teams kick PAT’s and not go for 2 every time is so dumb it doesnt make any sense.

  2. Belichick correct again. The old extra point was a useless exercise. He called it a non competitive play. At the snap, OL and DL just leaned on each other, as a mere formality.

    Now you give a care about the extra point.

  3. Moving the extra point back was one of the dumbest things that the NFL has ever done. The alleged reason for doing it, to make the extra point more exciting, was equally stupid. There is nothing exciting about kicking an extra point from the new distance. The extra point should have been either eliminated entirely or left where it was.

  4. Hilarious that dtm1088 got downvoted. Smh. Pure math and exactly right. Would love to hear an NFL coach explain why they ar enopt gong for two every play. Mayybe slight less wear and tear on your starting offensive players? It’s worth about three extra points a year!

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