Matt Nagy: Bears still evaluating Justin Fields’ rib injury

NFL: NOV 21 Ravens at Bears
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A day later, the Bears still aren’t sure how serious quarterback Justin Fields‘ rib injury is.

Bears coach Matt Nagy said today that the Bears are still evaluating Fields’ injury and it’s too soon to say whether he’ll be available to play on Thursday against the Lions.

Nagy did indicate that the only issue is Fields’ ribs, suggesting that there are no concerns about Fields’ spleen. The Bears were reportedly concerned about potential damage to Fields’ spleen after Sunday’s game against the Ravens.

Fields was replaced in the Ravens game by Andy Dalton, who would start on Thanksgiving if Fields can’t go. Although Nagy said that determination hasn’t been made, it seems unlikely that Fields would be able to play so quickly. Dalton is most likely going to get the nod on Thursday in Detroit.

22 responses to “Matt Nagy: Bears still evaluating Justin Fields’ rib injury

  1. Surely the Chicago Bears ownership are already having private internal discussions on the direction of this team and life after the inevitable firings of Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace.

  2. I hope Mr. Fields is OK and not injured. However the turkey day game will still be between 2 lousy teams in Mo-town and the Bears gave up their 2022 1st round choice to get him so no advantage to improving their 2022 draft spot. He has only shown any true skills as a good half back rather than as a QB.

  3. If the McCaskeys care at all about the travesty that took place at Soldier Field yesterday, Justin Fields’ health won’t be Nagy or Pace’s concern very much longer. They have combined to leave the franchise in much worse shape than they inherited it.

  4. As much as I would love to see Justin Fields succeed and much like Jordan Love in Green Bay and Trey Lance in San Francisco….when these men drop back and their first reads are covered they tuck the ball and run,they can’t help themselves. Can this be coached out of them? This remains to be seen.

  5. As long as Nagy is there the QB won’t matter because absolutely nobody looks good in Nagy’s system. If he’d been coaching the 17-0 Dolphins he’d have managed to miss the playoffs.

  6. Lions have pretty good lock on the first overall pick. They can afford to win one game. If it will help Bears fans get rid of Nagy & Pace I’ll root for the Lions on Thursday.

  7. I will never understand how the founding franchise of the whole league can let Pace and Nagy keep the up this embaressment.

  8. Not much showing here in the way of giving Nagy and Pace one more shot in 2022 with a healthy Fields.

  9. redclaw1314 says:
    November 22, 2021 at 12:40 pm
    The Red Rifle is locked and loaded. Let Justin’s ribs heal.

    I agree let Justin heal. But the ginger bb-gun is a big down grade. If losing means pace and the offensive genius nagy/lazor are gone, i’m down for 3-14 .

  10. It matters not. The praise given to Fields is not warranted, and has not been deserved. Gets praised for his “ability” to extend plays, ignoring his lack of ability to simply make a play. Every year QBs are hyped and drafted and every year maybe one of them pans out – its simple statistics. Bears will be patient with him, give all the excuses in the world. Finally after a couple head coaching hirings and firings to mask his inability to read a defense, anticipate throws, manipulate coverages they will come to the realization he was all hype.

  11. Matt Nagy: Bears still evaluating Justin Fields’ rib injury
    Fields’ ribs still evaluating Nagy

  12. I like the part where right after the Bears practiced “draft & destroy” on Trubisky, the fan base absolutely DEMANDED they do the same thing to Fields. And then, when they did, that same fan base is mad about it.

  13. “the fan base absolutely DEMANDED they do the same thing to Fields.”

    I don’t know a fellow Bears fan, nor have I ever seen or heard this as remote thought in ANY Bear’s fan head. If knowing that helps you sleep at night, so will your fifth b00ster sh0t C0rkY!

  14. Nagy wanted Fields to sit. He TOLD you Fields wasn’t ready. But you knew better. You got your wish. Enjoy it.

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