Pete Carroll: Some Seahawks leaders spoke up on Monday

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks
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It doesn’t sound like it was a full-blown players-only meeting, but it definitely sounds like it was out of the ordinary. Which makes sense, because things definitely are out of the ordinary for the 3-7 Seahawks.

Coach Pete Carroll mentioned during a Monday press conference, when asked about the team’s current mentality, that some of the team’s leaders had something to say.

“Well, it was interesting to hear when the guys had a chance to speak up a little bit,” Carroll said. “Some of the leaders had an opportunity to make sure everybody is on the same page, just to reinforce that this is a team, we are playing together, we are going through the challenges that we are facing together, we need to do it in really good fashion, we need to be on it, we don’t have a moment to waste, we have to maximize every opportunity to be our best, and on and on. It was really impressive. Where we are, we have a challenge that we are facing that we have to turn, and we want to turn this as fast as we can. All resources, obviously, are being tapped into. There will always be some subtle adjustments that we do to make some changes and get better. Really everybody was really accountable and did a nice job in owning it and being responsible for the change too. How positive can it be? I don’t know after this, but the guys are really turning to do things right and get better this week.”

Carroll later was asked whether it was unusual for players to speak up.

“We are calling on our guys a lot and we hear from our guys a lot,” Carroll said. “Today, it was particularly clear, they are just trying to help out too. They are competing and trying to help out the other guys and younger players and do what they can to do their part. They are just battling too, and it was obvious and pretty impressive. The coaches give the guys a chance to say stuff, so they have an opportunity to speak their peace.”

They need to do something, because what they’re currently doing obviously isn’t working. And it’s never easy to make dramatic changes during the season.

The Seahawks travel to Washington next Monday night for a game against the 4-6 WFT. It’s the place where the Seahawks won their first playoff game of the Russell Wilson era. A loss there could be another nail closer to the end of it.

7 responses to “Pete Carroll: Some Seahawks leaders spoke up on Monday

  1. Still brings me a chuckle to remember the 1 year dynasty the 12’s ended up having.

  2. If the Seahawks and Wilson are heading for a divorce, I wonder if the CLE & SEA would entertain a trade + picks move.

  3. Hate to tell you this Pete but whatever they do decide to do it probably won’t include you.

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