Russell Wilson: We are better than we’ve been playing

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks
Getty Images

The Seahawks didn’t get shut out this Sunday, but things weren’t much better against the Cardinals.

Arizona won 23-13 and the Seahawks only managed 266 yards of offense as they lost for the fifth time in the last six games. Quarterback Russell Wilson has been back from his finger injury for the last two losses, but he has not played at a high level and frustration has been growing around the 3-7 team.

Wilson tried to find some optimism to battle that frustration after the game. He told reporters he believes “we can fix it” and that the Seahawks are capable of more than they’ve put on the field of late.

“We’ve got to be better. That’s the truth,” Wilson said, via Adam Jude of the Seattle Times. “The truth, too, is we are better than what we’ve been playing. And the truth is that we also believe in that we can be better as a collective group. And the truth is, we got seven games to go. And we’ll see what happens.”

Everyone would agree that the Seahawks need to be better. Wilson might have a hard time finding co-signers to the notion that this group is capable of that kind of improvement.