Taysom Hill lands four-year extension, salary tied to position he plays

New Orleans Saints v Tennessee Titans
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When Saints quarterback Taysom Hill restructured his contract with the team earlier this year, four voidable years were added to the deal in order to create $7.75 million in cap space for the current season.

The move left the 2021 season as the last one that tied Hill to the Saints, but that’s no longer the case. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Hill has agreed to a four-year extension with the team and that his payout will be tied to what position he plays in New Orleans.

Hill’s deal will have a base value of $40 million if Hill remains in his current role, but he could earn up to $55 million more if he becomes the starting quarterback during that period. There is $22.5 million in guaranteed money.

Hill missed three games with a concussion this year and he didn’t play any snaps against the Eagles on Sunday due to a foot injury. He has 20 carries for 104 yards and three touchdowns and four catches for 52 yards to go with 56 passing yards and an interception on the year.

34 responses to “Taysom Hill lands four-year extension, salary tied to position he plays

  1. Damn. I’m not saying he doesn’t have talent but what all has he really accomplished in the league? Good for him though.

  2. His agent’s phone should be blowing up. Wow. Has there EVER been a player to make more for doing less?

  3. I’d like to see more performance based contracts. Here, the Saints lock down a good player, and if he’s killing it he gets the ridiculous big $$$ .

  4. Well, Jameis Winston is a better option at that position. Highly improbably that those escalators are paid to Taysom Hill. If not Winston, someone other than Hill is going to be the QB.

  5. This is a terrible signing by the SAints. Hes not a QB or a good player really, I mean he’s made some plays but NOT millions worth. Bad news for the Saints!!

  6. Possibly most overrated player in NFL? Nothing like locking up a guy who can be below average at 4 different positions, I guess.

  7. $40 mil is a lot of money for a gadget player, but that’s all he’s going to get.

    Betting he’ll never see the extra $55 mil because the Saints will either draft a QB of the future or hit on a trade or free agent signing. They dangled a carrot with that escalation clause and he bit. Still, $10 mil per year for what he’s currently doing is a nice payday for sure.

  8. chumbomalone says:
    November 22, 2021 at 4:39 pm
    Tell me your team likes to waste money without telling me your team likes to waste money.


    Agreed. Hill will be 32 at the start of his extension and his career totals are 1,100 yards, 4 TDs and 4 INTs. $10 mill per would make him the highest pd gadget player in the league.

    There’s nothing in his resume which suggests he’s worth that sort of money.

  9. 2021:

    7 passes, 4 receptions, 20 rushes in 146 snaps on offense.
    0 punt or kick returns and 0 tackles in 27 ST snaps.

    He’s 31 with an extensive injury history.

    I don’t get it…

  10. Danielle K says:
    November 22, 2021 at 4:19 pm
    How much does he have on the organization? This is the longest robbery I can remember.


    He’s got nothing on Sam Bradford.

  11. It is mind boggling the infatuation the Saints have with Hill. It’s also fiscally irresponsible.

  12. The Packers signed Hill as an undrafted free agent in 2017. On cut down day they waived him hoping he would clear waivers and return to the Packers. He had clearly played great in the pre-season. The Saints snapped him up. The Packers kept another QB as a backup, none other than Brett Hundley who, as we know, has set the NFL on fire.
    In the same draft the Packers did get Aaron Jones, but Ted Thompson also passed on Wisconsin native T.J. Watt, even though they deeply needed a defensive end and selected cornerback Keven King who also has set the NFL on fire.

  13. Baffling. Who were they bidding against? I don’t think any other team in the league would pay near that much if he had hit free agency. Good for him and his agent I just don’t understand the team’s strategy here.

  14. It would seem not many of you have been watching the Saints for the last four years…

  15. So he’s an expensive TE/RB but a cheap WR/QB.
    – who has the ability to play all 4….? AK, Tony Jones banged up. Trautman/TE’s been trash. Joke of a WR group. OH & HE PLAYS QB??????? For $10 million? Yall just want an excuse

  16. Makes 1 wonder what the Saints game plan is for a starting QB going forward…
    not going to be easy replacing Brees and its obvious Winston/Hill/Siemian sure aint it!

  17. Mickey Loomis should have been canned about 10 years ago. Couldn’t field a D for many years until recently, wasted Brees’s career and doesn’t get there is a salary cap.

    Remember when he paid Evans and that other Guard from TB like 9 mil each per at the same time? lol

  18. Jahri Evans and Carl Nicks were almost universally regarded as the best guard tandem in the NFL during their time with New Orleans. They were a key reason the Saints won the Super Bowl.

    The Saints only re-signed Evans. Nicks went to Tampa Bay where he contracted staff and had difficulty walking afterward. He never played again and eventually reached an injury settlement agreement with Tampa Bay.

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