Taysom Hill’s potential quarterback pay hinges on throwing 224 passes per season


So how will the Saints and Taysom Hill determine whether he’s paid as a quarterback or as a guy who plays some other position under his new hybrid deal that’s worth as little as $40 million and as much as $95 million?

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the magic number is 224.

If Hill throws at least 224 passes in a season (an average of 13 attempts per game), he gets paid as a quarterback. The number comes from the labor deal; it’s the minimum pass-attempt threshold for incentives.

For incentives in playoff games, the quarterback trigger is 10 passes per game.

So it doesn’t matter where he lines up or whether he takes, for example, quarterback snaps and runs the ball. What matters is passes thrown.

The goal by both sides was to come up with a fair and objective standard, and the total swing becomes $55 million over four years.

22 responses to “Taysom Hill’s potential quarterback pay hinges on throwing 224 passes per season

  1. The dude isn’t going to get that money . If he was so good of a passer they wouldn’t have Jameis there. Look at it right now. They have Trevor Sieman throwing the ball

  2. There is no question in my mind that Taysom Hill has very INCRIMNATING Pictures/ video on Sean Payton that is either Morally or Criminally Indicting. Because nothing else really explains this Obsession/ crazy money for a player that doesn’t do any ONE thing great.

  3. For a player that can’t beat out Trevor Siemian for the starting QB role with Jameis out, that’s a lot of money for backup running back.

  4. If he wants to be a starting QB, why sign a contract with built in incentives for the team not to make him the starting QB?

  5. 3rd string QB is starting over him tells you all you need to know. Not sure why they are knowingly grossly overpaying for a gadget player with 4 TDs and 4 INTs to his name as a 31yr old.

  6. Shouldn’t there be like a MNF thread where we track all the freaking missed pass interference calls ?? Christ the Giants got screwed big time.

  7. “Potential” value…. Has anyone seen Taysom play QB lol he will never make all that money show us what’s guaranteed

  8. Not sure why people are having so many issues with this deal. The thing to look at is guaranteed money. Everything else is just for show or an unattainable goal that makes the contract look better in the media. Is he a starting QB or any other position player? Maybe, maybe not. Personally I think he could be a very serviceable TE. It’s what he brings to the table. He can run, pass, catch, and block. Lots of players can do one of those things well. He does them all. Need the wildcat for a run or pass? He can do that. Need a decoy? He can do that. Need someone to run the red zone offense under center? He can do that. I think it’s everything he can do along with being a good teammate and locker room presence. I realize most of what people post on here is negative. The guy does slot of things well and can score TDs. He has zero off field issues. Why not have your team full of players like this?

  9. Remember when sports media was debating whether he or Teddy Bridgewater should be the starter when Brees was down? He didn’t start back then, didn’t start when Brees left and it was him or Winston, and now he’s not starting when Winston’s down and they’re starting their 3rd string QB. Says a lot

  10. Taysom Hill is the most OVERHYPED/OVERRATED player in NFL history! He’s made less than a dozen splash plays in his career, yet the Saints are paying him like he’s Jesus in cleats! If I’m Jameis Winston, I’m outta there after this year. He will NEVER get a fair chance as long as this marginal player is on the roster. I BEG someone to tell me what one thing that Taysom does exceptionally well enough to get starter pay. The Saints needed OBJ, but instead, they give this dude a raise when he’s already under contract. This is my hometown team, but this SICKENS me! What in the hell are they doing? And if I’m a starter, especially on defense, I’m pissed. Asking outstanding players like Kwon Alexander and others to take less to pay this marginal performer is a travesty.

  11. all the geniuses have approx the following theories:

    1) Winningest NOLA HOF Coach is trying to sabotage his own chances of winning, and it’s Taysom’s fault OBJ isn’t a Saint & doesn’t have 1200 recv yards & 25 TDs this season wearing black & gold


    2) Ownership likes to burn money (which is how they got rich in first place), and Taysom is the happy recipient of bags of gold for doing nothing

    or, the best & most likely option
    3) Taysom has compromising pics of Sean Peyton and is blackmailing the Saints

    Yup, you guys are all geniuses….

    I’m a Taysom fan, full disclosure. But I’m not an idiot, and i can see why Peyton, and another HOFer Drew Brees, like him. You’ve literally seen Taysom fill in for how many positions when players are injured? TE, RB, WR and even QB! I’ve never seen another player, ever, who is so versatile and allows the organization far more FLEXIBILITY and actually structure their payroll even better because they don’t need that extra deadweight loser at every position when you already have Taysom plugging 4-5-6 roster holes potentially. This also saves the team from having to desperately get some random washed out or retired player off his couch each time someone is injured or sick (obvious exceptions, e.g. when multiple players at all positions are out, like right now). Taysom is already an active part of the Saints, knows the offense, has established himself as a team player who is willing to literally do anything for the team, and injects excitement so often.

    If I’m the owner, or the coach, and I’m establishing MY organization’s culture, I’d like to have 53 “Taysoms” on the roster: flexible team players who ball out and do anything I ask them to do, without any negativity, no antics on or off the field, etc. If you need someone to move your couch, you could literally ask Taysom and he’d be like “sure, thanks for asking me, give me 15 mins to drive over”

    and if you ask him to run down on kick-offs or punts, he does it. Ask him to block, he does it — very well, and knocks guys over because he’s a beast. How many LB or CB wake up with PTSD from hits they’ve taken from Taysom running over them like a bump in the road? And when he takes that impact, it Alvin Kamari from having to do it thereby prolonging his NFL career from the very worst position for longevity.

    and for some reason all the geniuses can’t see that Taysom is even helping the organization with making cap SPACE, which is why he’s also the Swiss Army knife of contract restructurings. Do people seriously think Saints Execs are such morons they just decided out of the blue to create that weird contact in March, and then are doing another strange contract in November?? Who else would help the team several times in one year restructure his contract to help the team? Some players do it *once* in a 3-5 year span, Taysom has already done it twice in 9 months!! So yes, they also give him some guaranteed money for all of the above, and I’m sure it doesn’t take money away from any other position or the Saints ability to field a competitive team.

  12. When does Taysom the QB’s contribution outweigh Taysom the Gadget’s contribution.

    Considering how ineffectual Taysom has been this year and you’ve got Trev starting at QB from the outside looking in, I don’t get it.

  13. If you need someone to move your couch, you could literally ask Taysom and he’d be like “sure, thanks for asking me, give me 15 mins to drive over”

    This had me cracking up.

  14. Hill is a just over veteran’s minimum player for any other team in the league. The Saints continue to bid against themselves for this guy.

  15. Remember when Pete Carroll traded 2 1sts, a 3rd, and a starting safety for a Safety that can’t cover receivers? The Taysom Hill deal ranks right up there with that nonsensical trade. “…but Hill is a gadget player that can do whatever asked” except beat out journeyman QBs like Winston and Siemian when the Saints need a QB. Whatever evidence Hill has on Loomis and Payton must be really incriminating.

  16. LOL the hate for this guy is amazing. Yet people trip over themselves to get team cancers like OBJ, pay Deshaun Watson 40 mil a year to sit on the bench, etc.

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