Titans moving on to “huge challenge” against Patriots

Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans
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Titans head coach Mike Vrabel wasn’t on the Patriots when Bill Belichick proclaimed the team was “on to Cincinnati” after a 2014 loss to the Chiefs, but he spent enough time playing for Belichick to have absorbed the need to flush a bad loss.

The Titans had a very bad one against the Texans on Sunday and Vrabel said the team has to learn their lesson about being as careless with the football as they were in that game. He also said “we have to move on” because Belichick and a hot Patriots team are on the schedule for Week 12.

“They have created 13 turnovers in five games, and obviously they have won five games in a row,” Vrabel said, via the team’s website. “The No.1 scoring defense in the league, offense has been very efficient, No.6 scoring offense. They are not turning it over, they are not doing things to beat themselves. Obviously they have done a great job of taking advantage of bad football. [They’re] well-coached, they are running the football, they are playing physical. It will be a huge challenge.”

A loss this week would move the Patriots ahead of the Titans in the AFC playoff picture with both teams going into a bye week. That would make for a major shift in position for the Titans over a short span, so the urgency level should be high in Tennessee this week.

6 responses to “Titans moving on to “huge challenge” against Patriots

  1. It should be easy for the Patriots to win since Tanneyhill is terrible….throwing four INTs against the Texans pretty much guaranteed a loss. He’s not a serviceable NFL QB.

  2. This will be a game. TN has pride. They will show to play. The Pats are grinding out win after win. I expect a show from this game!

  3. Without Henry Tannehill is average at best. As much as I really hate saying it, Patriots are starting to peak. I think I just threw up in my mouth

  4. There is no way that a rookie quarterback will outplay a veteran like Tannehill. Tannehill will expose the New England defense.

    That statement makes no sense at all. Tannehill has no impact whatsoever on what Mac Jones will or won’t do.

    Also, you seem to forget that the Patriots know Tannehill inside out from his mediocre years in Miami – you can bet money that the Pats defense will be ready for him.

  5. redclaw1314 says:
    There is no way that a rookie quarterback will outplay a veteran like Tannehill. Tannehill will expose the New England defense.
    Jones bests Tannehill in TD’s, INT’s, completion percentage, 20+ yard completions, and QB rating. Tannehill has thrown for more yards, 140 more, which is 12 more yards per game. Tannehill will be thankful if he equals Jones’ output this Sunday.

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