Tyus Bowser: The great part about the Ravens is that we’re resilient

Baltimore Ravens v Chicago Bears
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Lamar Jackson’s absence drew the most attention on Sunday, but he wasn’t the only player missing from the Ravens lineup.

The team’s been dealing with injuries across the entire roster all season, including ones that left them with only three cornerbacks in uniform against the Bears. The defense held up well for much of the day, but a late Andy Dalton touchdown pass put them up 13-9 with less than two minutes to play. Backup quarterback Tyler Huntley was able to drive the Ravens for the winning touchdown in his first start and edge rusher Tyus Bowser sacked Dalton on the final play of the game to seal the 16-13 win.

After the game, Bowser, who had two sacks and a forced fumble, said that the team’s ability to persevere has been a defining characteristic this season.

“Just being able to be resilient as a team, despite big plays going on, this and that, we were able to find a way to win,” Bowser said, via the team’s website. “That’s the great part about this team is that we’re resilient, we never give up, and we always have each other’s back regardless of the situation. The main purpose is to win, and we came out with a win — that’s all that matters.”

With two games against the Browns sandwiched around a trip to Pittsburgh, the next three weeks will have a major impact on the NFC North and the Ravens’ playoff picture heading into the final stretch of the season. Resiliency is a good trait to have during such stretches and the Ravens’ will likely continue to rely on it as they try to push their way to a division title.

6 responses to “Tyus Bowser: The great part about the Ravens is that we’re resilient

  1. I think you mean afc north but glad the Steelers lost last night plus has anyone noticed that when ever the Steelers lose or the pats it’s different

  2. As a Ravens fan this season has been unusual to say the least. Most games you are ready to give up on this team with all the mistakes and injuries, but somehow they pull it out. Not sure how much longer they can continue to play this way – the schedule really gets tough for the rest of the season and we aren’t playing consistently or showing much improvement. Play the games and we’ll see where it all ends up.

  3. I love my Ravens but they have 2 issues that will knock them out of the playoffs or playoff hunt altogether. Pass defense, 31st in the league. And O-Line protection, 31st in the league in giving up sacks (34 total).

  4. When you’re shorthanded and the chips are down it certainly must give you hope to see Matt Nagy standing on the opposing sidelines.

  5. Its also nice to be playing one of the worst teams in football when your starting QB is out.

  6. The fact that this team is 7 – 3 is remarkable to me. For that Bears game, this team was missing QB1, WR1, LT1, RB1-3, CB2-4, DT1, FS1, etc. Bowser’s 100% right, this team is all heart and resilience. That said, they really need to do something about this OL. Villanueva is going to get Lamar or Huntley killed. They need to consider moving Mekari to LT and Phillips to RT. Huntley faced more Cover 0 blitz than any other QB in the league yesterday and it wasn’t close. Teams are going to keep doing it to create one on ones with this OL until the Ravens do something. Even though Roman had a better game plan to deal with it, he’s still limited by the fact that his OL gets walked right back to the QB or one of them completely whiffs and the QB is running for his life. Teams are crashing down on the screens and slants because they know the QB will be under immediate pressure.

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