Andy Dalton to start for Bears on Thanksgiving

Baltimore Ravens v Chicago Bears
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Andy Dalton is officially back as the Bears’ starting quarterback.

Bears head coach Matt Nagy confirmed today that Dalton will start while Justin Fields continues to recover from a rib injury suffered on Sunday against the Ravens. Fields will likely be inactive, and Nick Foles will be Dalton’s backup.

Dalton opened the season as the starter but was injured in Week Two and gave way to Fields. The Bears are 1-1 in games started by Dalton and 2-6 in games started by Fields this season.

The Lions’ starting quarterback, Jared Goff, is also injured, and Tim Boyle is expected to start for Detroit. Boyle leading the 0-9-1 Lions against Dalton and the 3-7 Bears represents one of the worst Thanksgiving games ever.

19 responses to “Andy Dalton to start for Bears on Thanksgiving

  1. Let’s just hope Bears and Lions fans will be able to keep down their Thanksgiving dinner watching this game.

  2. Oh boy! Thanksgiving with Andy Dolton and Tim Boyle. Hopefully the gastric indigestion caused by this “Dynamic Duo” will finally be enough to have the winless Lions permanently banned from hosting holiday games.

  3. >Boyle leading the 0-9-1 Lions against Dalton and the 3-7 Bears represents one of the worst Thanksgiving games ever.

    would this even be a good game in London?

  4. This Lions/Bears tradition just haven’t delivered. They’ve missed the boat trying to keep it up all these years.

  5. I’m hoping the Lions have shenanigans cooked up to win this game, kinda like they did vs the Rams.

  6. What’s of much more interest to me as a Bears fan is who will start at QB when the Cardinals roll into Soldier Field December 5. And secondarily, who the Bears coach is by then but in all honesty, unless Fields plays there is literally no reason for anyone to show up and watch that game. There will be a ton of pressure from up high for him to play (and take a whuppin at the hands of the Cards’ D) whether he’s healthy or not.

  7. Since it’s his last game why doesn’t Nagy just run Wildcat the entire game like he tried on that 4th down this past week?

  8. Nagy will evaluate Dalton’s performance this week and then meet next week to… Oh, wait…

  9. It will be a great day of food, family, & football, to give thanks for the blessings of good health & a full belly. Don’t think for 1 minute that those things are guaranteed in life. Also, the Red Rifle is a good man, stand up guy & first class Pro. Wish him & the Lions a good competitive game.

  10. As a Bostonian married to a Chicagoan, and living in the Chicago area, I asked my wife what she hopes for regarding her bears on thanksgiving day.

    1) everyone at our family dinner not start drama
    2) let the lions win, because the bears are an abomination and at this point, might as well just plain suck.
    3) hopefully not throw up from the impending abortion this game will provide us 😂😂😂😂😂

    Sorry, I can’t help but laugh. Poor bears fans, I feel bad for them. But it would be funny if the lions beat them.

  11. Andy Dalton will carve up the Lions like the turkeys they are. 310 yards 3 touchdowns. I do feel for the Lions though,I like the coach. Love to see this franchise become a good team for years to come. Good luck Motor City USA!

  12. The Bears are going to surprise a lot of people and play well against Detroit, maybe even winning this one.

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