Freddie Kitchens will take over as Giants offensive play-caller

New York Giants v Cleveland Browns
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Jason Garrett is out as the Giants’ offensive coordinator and another former NFL head coach will take over as the team’s offensive play-caller.

According to multiple reports, former Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens will step into the role. Kitchens joined Giants head coach Joe Judge’s staff as the tight ends coach in 2020 and moved to a senior offensive assistant role this season.

It’s the second time that Kitchens has gotten an in-season bump to help run an offense. He went from running backs coach to offensive coordinator with the Browns after Hue Jackson was fired as Cleveland’s head coach during the 2018 season.

The move turned out to be a good one for the Browns as the offense improved and the team finished with a 5-3 record under interim head coach Gregg Williams. The Browns hired Kitchens as their head coach after the season, but that move didn’t work out as well. Cleveland went 6-10 and fired Kitchens shortly after the season ended.

It seems unlikely that Kitchens will be using this opportunity as a springboard into another head coaching gig, but the Giants will simply settle for an offense that functions at a bit higher level than it has through the first 10 games of the season.

35 responses to “Freddie Kitchens will take over as Giants offensive play-caller

  1. People are gonna knock Freddie, but lets be honest. It can not get worse. It seriously is almost impossible for this to get worse. The Giants averaged 1 TD a game under Garrett this year. At least this pleases the fan base temporarily.

  2. Browns fan here. I wish Freddie well. He caught lightening in a bottle as OC, but was not prepared to be a HC.

  3. Yeah it’s Garrett, has nothing to do with Daniel Jones throwing the ball directly to defensive linemen.

  4. Garrett has always been junk.
    Jerry kept him around way too long and NY was dumb to hire him.

  5. Who is taking over as Defensive play caller? Certainly the D stinks as well. Friend of JJ you are safe.

    Good riddance to JJ after the season, another NE failure in the NFL

  6. Jason Garrett was the fall guy and we all know it. The problems with the team starts with the GM (really ownership but can’t do anything about that) and then the coach. I told Giants fans during the pre-season when Judge had the team do sprints because of the fight, being “tough” does not build a good NFL team. You actually have to scheme and coach.

  7. The NFL is a wonderful place where even the slightest glimmer of success years ago will still land you jobs down the line no matter how much failure you’ve had since.

  8. The Giants are like that overweight guy promising to eat healthier, switches from a bacon cheeseburger, fries, and Coke to a large pepperoni and sausage pizza and Pepsi.

  9. digilat7 says:
    November 23, 2021 at 4:10 pm

    How bad do you have to be to be replaced by Freddie Kitchens???


    At least, Garrett should be thankful he wasn’t replaced by Matt Nagy!

  10. Joe Gibbs could take over the offensive play calling for this team and it would still be a loser – it has a gutless running back as a starter and a QB who wears a QB Halloween Costume.

  11. I think Kitchens will do well and make it stick as OC.He’d probably admit he wasn’t HC material but knows he should have been an OC years ago.

  12. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    November 23, 2021 at 4:30 pm
    Baker made Freddie Kitchens


    Lol. Baker’s a total bust

  13. Thank you thank you everyone for coming you’ve been a great audience. Don’t forget to tip your server and do come back to the chuckle hut. This is a joke? Right? Right? Gotta be?

  14. What a total disgrace for a storied franchise. The New York Giants are one of the best teams in history, this is a nightmare for them Blow up and start over from scratch

  15. The Giants need talent…well an improvement in talent, those guys are in the league, I’m not. I’m also not a chef or a doctor, but I can tell you when food tastes bad and the medicine doesn’t work. They should trade Barkley for draft capital. I’d even keep Jones for a reduced price…which he’d take because he isn’t starting anywhere else. Use him as a stopgap for your next QB. I’m also not a GM, but I do file my taxes on time.

  16. I want Kitchens to come out of the tunnel, run down the field and yell “I’m baaaaaaackkkkk”. That’ll make my day

  17. If the offense continues to suck, how long till Freddie Kitchens has a t-shirt printed that says “Garrett started it” ?

  18. Jason Garrett is no genius, but Daniel Jones is terrible and would have gotten anyone fired after his recent performances.

  19. Wishing Freddie lots of luck. As you can all see now, with the exception, of Delusional Browns fans, it wasn’t Freddie’s fault, the Browns offense stunk. And Freddie was the 1 Browns coach that dominated the Ravens, gee I wonder why, because he gave the ball to Nick Chubb.

  20. i always thought the Giants would be better if they had more Alabama players……..this is not what I meant.

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