Giants fire Jason Garrett

Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants
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Jason Garrett is out of work after a year and a half as the offensive coordinator of the Giants.

Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News reports that the Giants fired Garrett this morning.

Garrett, the former head coach of the Cowboys, had come under scrutiny this season as the Giants’ offense failed to make progress and quarterback Daniel Jones failed to develop.

The Giants are expected to hand play calling duties to Freddie Kitchens, the former Browns head coach whose current job title with the Giants is senior offensive assistant.

At 3-7, the Giants have had a disappointing season, and barring a late turnaround, bigger changes are likely in January.

76 responses to “Giants fire Jason Garrett

  1. Garrett lost his job for one reason – the offensive line is…well…offensive.

    Gettleman is the one that really needs to go.

  2. Saquon Barkley is not effective in the RPO scheme. He needs a hole and head of steam to exploit it. With the RPO, he hits the line slowly and his power advantage is negated. Just toss it to him and let him hit the hole.

  3. There was a point late in last night’s game where they showed a shot of Garrett and Jones sitting together on the sideline and they weren’t even talking. I got the impression that Garrett was thinking “I got nothing else…this guy is not an NFL QB”.

  4. Clap on, Clap off! The Garrett

    That team has played like that for years. Garrett only gave the play calling it own special hand signals.

  5. MY wife never cared for Garret for some reason when he was with the Cowboys. I always thought that him being from Yale and smart and all he was maybe too soft.

    One year on the anniversary of 911 we both saw him do an interview and learned he was in NYC that day a few blocks away and saw the whole thing. He was very emotional with tears in his eyes recalling the events. From then on my wife and I changed our opinion of him and understand its not always about football. He is a decent guy, maybe not a great coach but a guy who cares
    Besides he can only coach what he has to work with. Maybe the GM should be on the carpet too. I wish him the best.

  6. The GM and HC should of be fired as well. The Patriot way doesn’t work without Belichek ask the Lions.

  7. The offense was not very good, but they were ranked 23rd in the league, while the NY Giants Defense is ranked 26th in the league, why wasn’t the defensive coordinator let go as well. They let up 30 points to Tom Brady who only played 3 quarters. They are 22nd vs the run, 26th vs the pass, 25th in points allowed. Seems like the defense was just as bad as the offense. And they were not playing with half their starters injured either.

  8. Unless Freddie Kitchens can lead an amazing improvement in the offense in the last few games, I have to think the Giants will clean house at the end of the year. Daniel Jones might be also. Its not a great QB class, but…Giants might prefer a veteran backup as a transition guy, or even make Mike White a huge offer.

  9. The “Clapper” is gone! Someone finally woke up and recognized Garrett’s fake sideline enthusiasm as just that: FAKE.

  10. I wouldn’t have hired him after watching him coach the Cowboys for ten years. He’s an idiot, straight up. Always liked to finish a game with his defense on the field. Never ever took the chance of letting his offense actually close out a game. I’ve seen every game he coached with the Cowboys. He’s awful. He might be able to hold down the duties of a tackling dummy. Maybe.

  11. The Giants offense was unwatchable. Granted the Bucs D is very good, but the Giants offensive line is so bad that Suh didn’t even have to cheat.

  12. Garret may indeed be part of the Giants’problems, but no way is he the sole reason for all of their offensive problems.

  13. Fire Garrett hand the playcalling over to Kitchens?!!….

    1 step forward, 1 steps back. I don’t expect things to get better Giants fans.

  14. itoldyouso says:
    The “Clapper” is gone! Someone finally woke up and recognized Garrett’s fake sideline enthusiasm as just that: FAKE.

    Jason Garrett was hired for specific reasons and fired for specific reasons. None of them had anything whatsoever to do with “sideline enthusiasm,” real, fake or anything in between.

  15. Once you get fired as a HC then a year and a half later fired as an OC…its time to reevaluate…maybe its you.

  16. Jason Garrett is far from the only thing wrong with the Giants. They need to clear out that coaching staff, and some players too. Start with the QB. He’s not the guy.

  17. I don’t think JG is a good coach. There is ample evidence of that. However, Jones is a horrible QB. Some of his throws are just bizarre. The scheme is ill suited to that team. That is on Judge. The GM is awful as well. The Giants are truly a team effort of awfulness.

  18. Had to happen. The offensive scheme is wrong for the personnel, period. The Giants need to build a line, and allow the weapons to do what they do best. But until they get that O-line, they can NOT continue to do things like roll DJ to one side where he has no escape. They can NOT continue to stuff Saquon up the middle – that’s not his strong suit; he needs pitchouts where he can use his speed. They can NOT continue to run fly patterns because DJ doesn’t have the time for them to develop – let guys like Toney who can operate in space catch outlets and slants and make someone miss.

  19. It’s about time.. I feel a little better but not much better from last night.. Cmon Freddy throw the Kitchen Sink at the Eagles..

  20. Garrett wasn’t the Giants only problem. But who couldn’t see this coming? This was just a terrible hire, by one of the three teams that should have especially known better.

  21. Watching Daniel Jones play QB is like watching a slow motion train wreck in process. He seemingly is oblivious to obvious defenders in the path of his passes. This guy is just a running back. That is all he can do. He’s no winner. I am most thankful that the New York Nightmara Family Crime Syndicate has him. Hopefully they will give him a contract extension.

  22. Nagy replaces Garrett in NY, Garrett replaces Nagy in Chicago, and both teams’ fanbases riot.

  23. before each remaining game, just pick a lucky giants fan from the stadium to call the plays.

  24. They should have fired him last week so he’d have time to defrost before Thanksgiving.

  25. >The Patriot way doesn’t work without Belichek ask the Lions.

    And the Jets, Browns, Broncos, Jets (again), Lions (with Schwarz), Chiefs, Dolphins, Texans, and Dolphins (again)

  26. Great move but they need to clean the whole house and start over. The NY Giants are a top notch ORG, but the last few years haven’t reflected that. Benching Eli was a slap to all Giants fans. Kithchens IS NOT AN UPGRADE.

  27. So he told the QB to throw the ball to a 300 lb man lying on the ground playing for the other coloured jersey?

  28. Turning over the play calling to Freddie Kitchens…what could possibly go wrong? The Giants are toast. Why not just play it out with everyone they have ,go for the higher draft pick in 2022,and THEN fire everyone? Firing Jason Garrett isn’t going to change anything now.

  29. Freddie ‘Im in your’ Kitchen? What could possibly go wrong. Sorry Giants. – Browns fan.

  30. Garrett is not good but if you’re going to fire someone, better to have someone who’s not worse at the job as a replacement. Freddie Kitchen’s really?

  31. Garrett is a man and not a quitter, so the Giants did him a favor here. When Jerry Jones fired him, Garrett went directly to him and stated his case for being given more time. My own personal view is that Garrett’s style of coaching is more suited to college, but who knows where he will land?

  32. Poorly run franchise from top to bottom! Draft picks to coaching! Once stellar run to run into the ground!

  33. I know a lot of Steelers fans who are going to be screaming for Pittsburgh to fire Matt Canada and get Garrett. Those same fans would trade the whole QB room in Pittsburgh for Daniel Jones. Too many people think anyone else is better than what they already have.

  34. Just a scapegoat for a bad team. A bad team who, incidentally, has played in prime time twice in the last few weeks. They were awful last year, so why did they earn the prime time slots?

    I know – money, but still. Did anyone think TB/NYG was a game to look forward to?

  35. Now fire Graham. Any team that really wants to score on his D does and the best teams do it with little effort.

  36. Jason Garrett has never at any time been an effective coach. You can’t hire Dallas coaches elsewhere, because they are puppets to the owner.

  37. Kitchens was good at OC, he just didn’t have any business being a HC that quick. This will be interesting to see if he can capitalize on the opportunity.

  38. I never understood the appeal of Garrett. He was hailed as the savior of the Cowboys years ago and drove them into mediocrity. Overated.

  39. Let’s make a list of QB’s who got cringey nicknames that didn’t age well just because fans got overly excited after one or two good games. I’ll start it off.

    1. Danny Dimes

  40. They said he didn’t put his players in position to succeed, but wasn’t it Todd Bolles who lined up Suh over Hernandez?

  41. harrytootsie says:
    November 23, 2021 at 2:48 pm

    Simply put ,,, it’s a start !


    A start of what ?

  42. I see all these posters saying “The Giants should of this….” or “They should of that…..”

    For the love of all that is holy!!!! It’s “Should have!”

    No. Such. Thing. As. “Should of”

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