Jason Garrett’s job security under scrutiny after Giants’ offense struggles again

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Giants offensive coordinator Jason Garrett is under fire after another ugly performance in Monday night’s 30-10 loss to the Buccaneers.

Head coach Joe Judge implied Garrett’s job could be in jeopardy after the game, according to Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News.

Asked if Garrett will remain the offensive coordinator, Judge said: “I’m not gonna go into it right now.”

When he was asked if he has faith in Garrett, Judge didn’t answer about Garrett specifically and instead said the whole team needs to be addressed.

“I have faith in all the people on our team: players, coaches, everyone,” Judge said. “But look, we’ll assess everything as a team and make any move we need to going forward.”

This is Garrett’s second season as the Giants’ offensive coordinator, and there hasn’t been much improvement. Most importantly, quarterback Daniel Jones is not developing the way the Giants hoped he would when they drafted him sixth overall in 2019. Barring a miraculous turnaround, Garrett won’t be back in 2022. And he may not even make it to the end of 2021.

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  1. If we learned anything from watching how the Browns ran their organization the last 10-15 years, constant change doesn’t help. You just keep pressing the re-set button. The Browns finally have some stability, and they’ve climbed out of the cellar and are a formidable contender. If Jason Garrett became the offensive coordinator in New England, he’d have another head coaching job within a year. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is paying attention. I don’t think the Giants’ problems have anything to do with scheme or pay calling. There are a lot of good things happening every week. It’s just one or two plays here and there that change the outcome of the game, and need to be eliminated. I don’t know what the offensive coordinator can do about that. I saw how Bruce Arians fixed similar problems that Tampa Bay had been having for years. He brought in Tom Brady. Now we think Arians walks on water. Daniel Jones has a lot of talent. He’s still young and makes too many mistakes. I’m not sure it’s time to pull the plug on him or Garrett just yet. It’s frustrating to watch, but change for the sake of change doesn’t usually help.

  2. Being a fan of NFL football since 1955, I am not sure if the fault is Dan Jones, Oline or Garrett. But I doubt Jones is the qb for this team. It’s not like he hasn’t had chances to show up yet his career completion % is low 60’s.

  3. the giants have a talent comparible to ty hill(no not tye hill) and garrett has no idea how to incorporate him. I know you cant copy KCs offense because you dont have the horses to pull it off…but at least watch how KC deploys him and try to incorporate it. Garrett is so archaic and antiquated its amazing people leave guys like this in charge. Its a problem for several teams around the league

  4. Watching the Giants offense is like walking into a Sears store. It used to good and you could not wait. Now its old fashioned, like someone just unearthed a time capsule.

  5. charliecharger says:
    November 23, 2021 at 8:49 am


    Lol. Belichik wouldn’t even let Garrett in the door, don’t fool yourself. Garrett has proven his mediocrity over a long period of time. His biggest asset appears to be that NFL owners like him. One of the biggest yes men in the business but not of creativity or smart decisions.

    McDaniels may not be head coaching material but he can scheme offensive circles around Garrett. The 2 minute drill with Daniel Jones was an embarrassment.

    You don’t want a merry go round of head coaches but you also don’t want to hire the coach who doesn’t win a playoff game in 16 years just for the sake of continuity.

  6. Daniel Jones needs to stop making bonehead plays. It’s ok to simply throw the ball away sometimes.

  7. Now you know why Cowboys fans were laughing their butts off when Mara decided to hire this guy as our offensive coordinator.

  8. Couldn’t block the front-4.. went with 4 and 5 man routes anyway… but what else are you going to do, down 17+??

    Its not a good offense. Jones is middling, Barkley is still running tentatively, the line looked awful. I don’t know how many coaches would succeed with this group.

  9. I don’t think Vince Lombardi himself could turn this New York football Giants train wreck around.

  10. Jason Garrett is that onion ring you find in your fries after getting home from the Burger King drive-thru.

  11. It’s funny – for the pure ineptitude of the NY Jets the past 5 years, the giants have matched them step for step (I think they have identical records over that span, or really close). But the way the media spins it, the Jets are awful and the Giants are a player and a play away from being a playoff team. I would surmise that the Jets are currently in a better position than the Giants. Which is hilarious…. and must just piss off Mara to no end.

  12. If I had been in a coma for the last couple of years and then watched that game last night without having any idea who was coaching the Giants, my first comment at the end of the game would have been “they need to get rid of the offensive coordinator”.

    Uninspired game plan, undeveloped QB, dumb mistakes, disorganization. Just a disaster.

  13. “If Jason Garrett became the offensive coordinator in New England, he’d have another head coaching job within a year.”

    Are you on crack buddy? He would never be hired in New England and he’s just not that competent at what he does at the big league level. He had plenty of great offensive rosters in Dallas that choked time and time again.

  14. This is becoming a habit for Joe Judge. First he undercuts and replaces an offensive line coach, now this. I’m not saying that Jason Garrett is God’s gift to coaching (far from it), but Judge has some things to learn about staff management and not airing dirty laundry in public. He looks like a guy who knows that the axe will be falling on him come Black Monday, if not earlier.

  15. Let’s get this straight. We have a below average QB, a terrible offensive line, an overpaid WR in Galloway, a rapper 1st round draft pick in Toney , a way over drafted, injury prone RB, a TE that can’t make the big play…and its the coaches fault ?

  16. Probably wouldn’t have gotten the Giants a W… but I think the game could have been a whole lot closer if Toney had hit that deep pass late in the 2nd Q.

  17. Daniel Jones is not good. The OL is not good. DL is not good. Play calling is not good. Decisions by ownership/GM is not good. if you think this team is going anywhere anytime soon, you are completely lost. Clean house & start with DG. Let someone else with working brain cells be in charge of this upcoming draft. my eyeballs bleed every time this team takes the field. Mara has ran this franchise into the ground. What a joke.

  18. Character…some have it, some do not!

    In this day and age, it so much easier for ‘some’ to simply “follow”, stir the pot then act like they had nothing to do with whatever results or materializes.

    For all the media knows, Joe Judge could be the problem and maybe Jason Garrett needs to be promoted.

    But, it is not the media’s job to put their finger on the scales, pushing…or even suggesting that someone should be fired. Those in the media who believe they can do anything they want and not be held accountable…

    There is nothing that gives the media the right to formulate an opinion then use their “platform” to push their agenda or even the agenda of those sign their paycheck.

  19. Amazing how the offense is the focus each week while the D stinks week in and week out.
    Judge should have never been hired in the first place. Mara made a big mistake here. So he was with Belichick and Saban does that make him a good coach.

    Matt Patricia could not cut it which tells me the Patriot Way is not the way to go.

    If you are going to clean house again, do it from the top down again, DG JJ and the rest of the staff. Bring in a veteran GM and coaching staff, not what Judge brought in. PG is his friend but the D and the O are terrible.

    You want a shot with someone EB of the Chiefs would have been a better fit than JJ, who is a complete waste of a coach.

    DJ is not the answer at QB he is too timid and not a leader.

    Clean house again but do it right. Maybe they should ask the league for help like they did when George Young came in.

    Its sad to see how the whole NFL is bad these days.

  20. 6 carries 26 yards. 6 carries. Let that sit. He’s a minimum 15-20 carries and 25-30 touches. Great game plan.

  21. Jason Garrett is a nicer version of Bill O’Brien.. or Bill O’Brien is a meaner version of Jason Garrett

  22. If we have to waste those two high first round picks this year on a QB everyone associated with drafting and/or developing Jones must go.

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