Joe Judge: Firing Jason Garrett wasn’t a snap decision

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys
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After Monday night’s 30-10 loss to the Buccaneers, Giants head coach Joe Judge said at his press conference that he has “to do a better job scoring points” and that the coaching staff has to “understand how we have to play this game and give our players a chance to make plays.”

The general reaction to those comments was that offensive coordinator Jason Garrett was on thin ice and that ice broke on Tuesday. The Giants fired Garrett and Judge discussed that decision during a Tuesday afternoon press conference.

Despite Monday night’s comments, Judge said that it was not a “snap decision” to fire Garrett but one that was made after an accumulation of evidence that things aren’t working offensively

“I feel we have to be more productive as an offense. I don’t believe we’re scoring enough points,” Judge said, via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY.

Multiple reports have pegged Freddie Kitchens as the new offensive play caller and Judge said only that filling Garrett’s role will be a collaborative effort. If that effort doesn’t produce better results, Tuesday’s move will leave one less person to shoulder blame for another dismal Giants season.

48 responses to “Joe Judge: Firing Jason Garrett wasn’t a snap decision

  1. I think it’s fascinating anyone would hire Garrett. He’s never had a coherent offensive philosophy. He just runs plays.

  2. Joe Judge: “I don’t point fingers. I take responsibility.”

    Also Joe Judge: *points finger at Jason Garrett* “You’re fired.”

  3. It’s quite something that such a major market like NYC has such horrid football teams and for very long stretches at a time, but good thing one of the other local major league sports teams rises to the top now n then so they can just ignore the whole thing … but my oh my imagine the outpouring of joy if those J’s n G’s were ever any danged good huh.

  4. Weird situation in that I have zero confidence in either Garrett or Judge yet still pity them because between injuries and bad players this team would still be a loser no matter how great the coaches were.

  5. Anyone that watched last nights snoozer, saw that the play calling was abysmal. The defense is atrocious. The Giants defense is terrible at rushing the QB in coverage, and at stopping the run. They let a 44 year old man which by the way is elderly in the NFL run on them. It was just bad all the way around. Fire them all, give every Giants fan hope, and then pull the rug out from under them. Then repeat.

  6. This is Dave Gettleman’s mess. All of it. He hired all of these incompetents due to his unlimited incompetence..

  7. The gentleman out in his own field is giving Jason Garrett a standing ovation. Oh, wait, that is the mechanical monkey with symbols bashing….

  8. Giants head coach Joe Judge said at his press conference that he has “to do a better job scoring points” and that the coaching staff has to “understand how we have to play this game and give our players a chance to make plays.”
    “Hold my beer” – Bears fan

  9. How did anyone in the Giants organization play against a Jason Garrett coached Dallas twice a year and think yeah, that’s our guy?

  10. Curious to see which team or college hires him to be the qb coach. Do high schools have quarterback coaches?

  11. Who’s the best play-caller in the league? Pick whomever you think is best, as it matters not…Daniel Jones in the QB.

  12. “Firing Jason Garrett wasn’t a snap decision.”

    It was a “Clap” decision. 😆👏

  13. Coach you have any control of your own staff? Yes? Then why is Kitchens calling the plays now? So you think Freddie Kitchens is the answer? Speak into the microphone please coach we’re going to use this drop as long as you are a coach in the league.

  14. Never been the biggest fan of Jason Garrett, but he is the scapegoat here. Garrett had some success in Dallas. But, of course, they had some – very talented players. Barkley and a couple of others are good, but Barkley is always hurt and the rest isn’t enough to cover up for years of bad drafting and player moves.

  15. Not a big fan of The Clapper, but Daniel Jones is a coach-killer. He got the OC. Next up: the HC.

  16. As we all know you judge how a coach is doing by watching the team improve. Some like Belichick you can see week to week. Others take a little longer. In all honesty though are you telling me you have seen improvement since week one last year or is the team the exact same? Everyone needs to be cleared out because they were all there during the creation and complicancy in this mediocrity.

  17. Never a big fan of Garrett. Show me a good offensive co-ordinator with a bad quarterback… just doesn’t happen. Danny Dimes just isn’t the guy, just like Garrett just wasn’t the guy. Giants have been a mess for years, and the current regime of Gettleman and Judge isn’t working either. Clean house and start again.

  18. Just clean house. No more half measures.

    Hire a new GM, then a HC. Hopefully in a few years they have an average team, maybe even better.

  19. “Firing Jason Garrett wasn’t a snap decision“


    Joe Judge: “Snap! My offense sucks! Better find a scapegoat….”

    “Hey Jason, stop by my office when you get a chance, okay, bro?”

  20. I want to know how many laps judge is running. If I could draw cartoons I would draw joe judge as a rear end farting smoke from it because that is all I see whenever I see him talk.

  21. Who said anything about it being a snap decision, Joe? Why even bring that up, since nobody asked, unless you know it looks for all the world like a decision made in haste?

    And since you said it wasn’t a snap decision, it now looks like the sword of Damocles was hanging over Garrett’s head for a while, and how can anyone function properly under those circumstances?

    Sometimes, it’s better to keep your mouth shut and have people wondering whether or not you’re a fool than it is to open your mouth, let your words come out, and have people be certain that you’re a fool.

  22. Terrible hire in the first place. He stayed waaaayyyyyy too long in Dallas. What made the Giants think he was their guy??

  23. What do Bruce Arians and Joe Judge have in common? Answer: they both look like they were taken out of the stands to wear the emperor’s headset.

  24. “It wasn’t a snap decision” Of course that’s the case for a scapegoat. You want to deflect as long a period of incompetence stink on them.

  25. Both NY football teams personify the parable that the fish rots from the head down. One needs only to look at the ownership of both the Giants and the Jets to understand why this applies.

  26. I’ve thought for a long time his play calling and time management with the Cowboys was not good.

  27. *Snap*
    And the clapper is gone –
    Must have been a thoughtfully considered decision, considering it was made on a short week with an upcoming game against a division rival.
    And now, presto-chango, it’s the Freddie Kitchens show, version 2.0! At least it should be more entertaining.

  28. I haven’t paid much attention to the Giants for decades, and I wondered who this Joe Judge character was when he was plucked from NE to be the leader of a once proud franchise.

    He was a nobody. And he’s hired at least a couple other bumbling fools in Kitchens and Garrett. I don’t know who the DC is, but he’s probably a former failure as well.

    So, you should be able to decipher all you need to know about Joe Judge based upon the talent he hired to help install his vision.

    I guess the Giants are afterthoughts now and for another half decade. Should probably get rid of whomever the numbskull general manager is as he’s created this debacle.

  29. Since when is Freddie Kitchens the answer to anything? Ask Baker Mayfield what he thinks about Freddie’s play calling.

  30. If the guy who hired Garrett is the same guy firing Garrett, that’s a sign that the guy is in over his head. And the scapegoating begins.

  31. Jason Garrett isn’t responsible for the poor performance of the OLine, the QB, and the rest of the offense. Garrett gone, Kitchens in, same offense, same players = same results.

  32. It was those awful ‘throwback’ uniforms.

    Unless Bill Parcells is back on the sideline, shelf ’em.

  33. What do Bruce Arians and Joe Judge have in common?

    They should send their paychecks to Tom Brady.

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