Joe Judge: Giants have to do everything better, we didn’t do anything well enough

New York Giants v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Giants coach Joe Judge had a blunt assessment of what went wrong in Monday night’s loss: Everything.

Judge said after the 30-10 loss to the Buccaneers that nothing his team did was good enough.

“We have to do everything better,” Judge said. “We didn’t do anything well enough to win tonight. Can’t make mistakes with turnovers, penalties and mental errors. We’ve got to make sure we put our players in a better position through coaching. We’ve got to make sure we execute the opportunity to make plays.”

Judge said the Giants have to get ready for the Eagles on a short work week, but that the coaches will spend some time correcting mistakes from the loss to the Buccaneers.

“We’re not going to turn the page on this as coaches until we make sure all the corrections are being made,” Judge said.

With the Giants at 3-7, they’re running out of time for the coaching staff to figure out how to make this a successful season.

18 responses to “Joe Judge: Giants have to do everything better, we didn’t do anything well enough

  1. And this is coming off a bye week. I’m so sick of hearing the same crap from him over and over. 15 days off and they came out playing like this! I’m ready for a change in GM, coaching staff and QB. Im sorry, there are a lot of Danny Dimes lovers out there, im not one.

  2. Einstein’s definition of insanity;

    “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

  3. Today: Gettleman must resign and Garrett has to go .. Graham on a short leash..

    Judge close behind.. A total embarrassment ..

  4. Win or lose against the Eagles you have to figure that Gettleman is gone. Joe Judge might be gone. Barkley? Great RB when healthy but I think you trade him. You can’t break the bank on an oft injured RB on a rebuilding team. Statistics say you should never break the bank on an RB period.

    Daniel Jones? I think he has 7 games left in his Giants career as well but he does seem to play well vs the Eagles.

  5. Joe Judge is a lousy head coach , JASON GARRETT is putrid, Dave Gettleman is a dinosaur at the gm spot , and the Defensive Coordinator nobody knows even his name !

  6. They got a guy that might be able to run the ball but no O-line. They got a guy that might be able to throw the ball but no O-line. I think I know where to start.

  7. I don’t care how big a market they play in the giants have no business playing in prime time in November.

  8. Joe Judge looks like the guy that steals and eats your lunch out of the office fridge. No one has caught him in the act yet,but we all suspect exactly who it might be.

  9. If there are any Gettleman supporters still out there, reveal yourself, and explain why. Thanks.

  10. Two First Round Picks to spend….. New QB and every pick after on PASS RUSHERS!! I have been a lifelong fan and this is the worst Pass Rush in the History or Giants Football!!

  11. Giant fans, it’s not that bad. Hang in there and give the staff an extension.

    The rest of the NFC East

  12. Giants are lame on offensive line. Solder is a sieve. No pressure on Brady.

    I can’t blame Jones for much.

  13. Absolutely embarrassing. Beyond tired of the tough guy act from Judge. He shouldn’t have ever been hired but we know why he was.

  14. Jones is trash. Either overthrown or underthrown.
    Barkley is running scared and goes down before being hit.

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