Manningcast audience rebounds, slightly

New England Patriots v New York Giants
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The high-water mark for the Manningcast came three weeks ago, when the Chiefs hosted the Giants. On average, 1.96 million watched that game via the alternate feed.

Last night, when the Giants visited the Buccaneers, the audience fell to 1.575 million. It was a slight increase from last week’s average crowd of 1.554 million for Rams-49ers.

Factoring in the full audience of 12 million on all platforms, the Manningcast accounted for 13.1 percent of the total viewership for the Week 11 game. Given that the Bucs blew out the Giants, it’s possible that more people flipped from the main feed to the secondary one.

Although the Peyton and Eli show has been well received by the media, it’s still not taking much of a chunk out of the primary broadcast. The simulcast is very entertaining; however, the game becomes an afterthought at times, especially when they have guests join the conversation.

Here’s the real question. Does the cost justify the benefit? To know that, we’d need to know how much they’re paying the Mannings.

Our guess? Plenty. Given that most if not all of the 1.575 million who watched ESPN2 last night would have been watching the game on ESPN, it’s fair to wonder whether the bean counters think that the beans going out outweigh the beans coming in.

16 responses to “Manningcast audience rebounds, slightly

  1. When discussing the game, explaining game decisions or QB/Coaching thought processing, they are great. When ignoring the game, talking to guests about non football issues or other nonsense, I can’t continue to watch. My son is solidly behind them. I’m more traditional.

  2. Personally I enjoy the Manningcast. I 🤔 no I would enjoy it more if instead of guests they boot Eli and just have a rotating guest fill that spot every week with Manning. You really can learn something watching that dude break down the game.

  3. Tuned into it for a few seconds once. They wer completely ignoring the game. I don’t watch football to not watch football.

  4. Watched it for 5 minutes and could not get away from it fast enough. Went to another feed. It was embarrassing to watch them humiliate themselves.

  5. I like it, there’s no way I’m suffering through watching a Giants game if the Manning’s dont have their show. If it was a game I was interested between two teams I’d probably watch the main broadcast but since almost every team is either average or terrible this year I’m glad we have the alternate option

  6. Given that ESPN pays $1.1 billion annually for the rights to Monday Night Football, it’s a drop in the bucket to give the Mannings $10-20 million or so if that makes a portion of the audience happy and more likely to keep watching.

  7. I tried to watch it hoping to understand the game more and see what the Mannings see on the field. But I would quickly switch it back to main feed because a lot of times they were ignoring the game and just stroking their own egos to share their opinions about something else.. I turned on the channel to watch the game so I want to follow the game, not something else like how cute Eli’s golf swing is.

  8. I think the point is that they are kinda chillin watchin the game cuttin up a little. Luckily you have a choice not to watch it. Ill never understand why people feel the need to be negative about everything.

  9. If they Can find a way to make the people stop interrupting one another, get Eli more involved, and limit the guests, then they will have something special on their hands

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