Michael Irvin is “hot about” Amari Cooper’s unvaccinated status

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Before training camp, Hall of Fame Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin made a very simple, apolitical case about the COVID vaccine. With availability tied to getting vaccinated, players need to get vaccinated.

With Cowboys receiver Amari Cooper missing two games after testing positive as an unvaccinated player, Irvin is not pleased.

I’m absolutely hot about it,” Irvin told TMZ.com. “Are you joking? I got a guy named Cedrick Wilson catching passes who makes $2 million and a guy named Noah Brown catching passes who make $1 million, and I got a guy that makes $21 million on the bench at home not playing. It’s crazy.

“Our job as athletes is to try remove any reason of not winning the Super Bowl. It’s why I condition, so that the fatigue ain’t the reason that I lose the Super Bowl. And that’s why I go over plays a million times, so a mistake is not the reason I lose the Super Bowl. So you have to try to mitigate any issue that can cost you a game or a Super Bowl. And COVID is one of them. You go get vaccinated to try to mitigate it, best you can. Now you can still get it, even after you get vaccinated. But it’s a different percentage chance of you getting it. And I need you to get that different percentage chance. I’m so hot at Amari Cooper for not being on that field.”

Somehow, the issue became political and divisive. Irvin applies a much more linear approach. There are many obstacles to winning a Super Bowl. COVID is one of them. And there’s a way to minimize the risk of missing games due to COVID.

41 responses to “Michael Irvin is “hot about” Amari Cooper’s unvaccinated status

  1. Never been an Irvin fan but he’s right about this. If you make that kind of money, take that much of your team salary cap, and don’t do everything you can to help the team win… everything… no excuse for that.

  2. Michael Irvin is the last person that should be casting judgment on anybody. Michael had a well documented drug addiction during his playing years and thereafter. Slow your roll Michael.

  3. Obviously, you did, because you cared enough to comment.

    And even a broken clock is right two times a day.

    And in this case, Irvin is absolutely right.

  4. One thing he didn’t mentioned is if you’re vaccinated and test positive you can come back faster. Two different protocols. So agree 100%. Deduct his pay which is a $ 1.23 million a game. Ouch…

  5. Does he own the team? Is he a teammate? Coach? Nope? Go sit down. Same with all these other folks. This is why people don’t state their vax status. It literally is a witch hunt.

  6. Michael Irvin with some real strategy there. If you’re serious about winning, in any life pursuit, you look for every little advantage you can find. And that includes minimizing disadvantages. Amari (or any player) opting out of the vaccine actually promotes disadvantage.

  7. One simply must hear the overly exaggerated annunciation to truly appreciate his message.

  8. Cowboys have 3 losses and 2 of them came with their top players out due to NFL Covid Rules. Zach Martin vs the Bucs when the Cowboys ran for 60 yards and lost by 2 points and last week when Dak passed for 216 yards against the great KC defense and they lost by 10. I think those are both winnable games if they have those two players. This tells me that players are too selfish to win. Cowboys should win the NFC East, but it looks like now they will be travelling for the playoffs.

  9. Michael Irvin is about winning championships

    And blow.. And assaulting women and teammates… and winning..

  10. Somehow, the issue became political and divisive??? LOL. We know who made it that way and when that started, and then automatically switched when someone else was in charge. That being said, we know a lot more about the shot now and if you want to be an NFL player, take the jab. Hate to ever agree with this clown but he’s right. But stop making it political, asking why it’s political, and more people might take it.

  11. He’s right, if I was a teammate I’d be pissed. His body, his choice…what if this happens in playoffs.

  12. Amari Cooper is in the second year of his $100m contract. $10m signing bonus, and $20m for this year.

    The cost of a Covid vaccine? Free

    Michael Irvin’s comments? Priceless

    Maybe Amari Cooper was afraid of landing on the Injured Reserve list with a sore arm after a vaccination.

  13. we have taken a pretty firm stance in my household- we are not allowing unvaccinated people In our home, and we are not going to the homes of anyone who is unvaccinated. we have a young daughter, my wife is pregnant, and my mother is 72 years old with pre existing health conditions including severe asthma. we simply need to mitigate as much risk as we can for our family.

    it’s lead to my wifes step-dad (and by extension her mother) not able to attend Thanksgiving at our home as he has refused to get vaccinated. he has made his decision, and the results of that decision are his to own.

    I’m the case of AC- ultimately it is his choice, and his choicr has now hurt the team. i also ask people arguing that itd his choice so loudly- would you say the same if he refused a surgery or medical treatment that would get him back on the field faster after an injury ?

    i also have failed to hear any type of compelling information from a ” choice ” person who is refusing to get the vaccine about what tangible medical reason they got from a credible medical professional
    that they are basing this decision on. most of the time, IMO it comes down to not wanting to be told what to do , which is just childish.

  14. When are people at this point, because we are now approaching years with this whole COVID thing, going to realize that people are going to do what they want. People that are very pro vaccine who bash those who don’t get it want to rip them apart, and people who are anti vaccine who hear them do not care what they say. This has become more of a waste of conversation than it ever has. Good for Irvin being “hot” at Amari, good for Amari staying with his beliefs and not caring what people have to say.

  15. Michael Irvin nailed it. I don’t care about your stance on vaccinations. When it starts to screw with your entire stinkin’ team, you get vaccinated. A 53 man roster has one goal…win. And Amari Cooper decided he is more important. Any player that misses time due to not being vaccinated should have to forfeit their pay until they return. His body. His choice. His paycheck. Let’s see how much of a hard stance he’ll take when it keeps his money from rolling in.

  16. Who does he think he is? Who gives him the right to discriminate against someone’s choice? Michael just stop trying to get brownie points, mind your own business

  17. Considering Irvin’s past history off the field he may want to pipe down.

  18. Put the team first, great point Michael. Like going out the night before a game(s) and getting coked up?

  19. He’s the thing, there was no guarantee if Cooper was vaccinated that he wouldn’t have caught the virus. Nearly every day someone who is vaxesd either a player or a coach in is getting the virus.

  20. While I totally agree with Irving’s take on it, if you are doing ALL in your power for your team in this regard, you would be living in isolation and self bubble to the max.

  21. Irvin is right but probably 90% of players only care about collecting paychecks and the other 10% care about winning championships.

  22. Irvin is dead right. Mixing into society carries some responsibilities. If you want to play the “my body” card, that’s fine. But you need to operate outside of society. It’s time for all of this nonsense to end.

  23. Difference here people is Irvin is not wrong and he has rings. So say what you want…he has rings to speak on it.

  24. The people who say “his body his choice”;just don’t get it. It’s not about him, it’s about the people with compromise immunity.

  25. Ok, he makes a lot of money. I get it. But like every job, you are offered the job with specific requirements for a specific amount of pay, in his case it’s contract pay. If he agreed to be vaxed to get his money then he’s in breach of his contract. Otherwise, it IS his choice. If they dont think he is as committed as they’d like, I’m sure there is an out built into the contract. Not sure why he isnt vaxed but perhaps he has seen the multitude of cases of heart issues and permanent damage attributed to the vax and he chose his health over commitment to winning. In any case, Irvin and his drug issues is the definition of hypocrisy. Glass houses, stones…”Oh you know the thing.”

  26. Troy Aikman has said that no one practiced harder, or was better prepared on game day than Michael Irvin. So stop with the “yeah but he was on drugs” BS. He did what he had to do to help his team win.

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