Robert Saleh: Jets usually try quick fixes, this is an actual plan

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It’s the first year that Robert Saleh is the head coach of the Jets, but the team is in a familiar position after 10 games.

At 2-8, the Jets are on track to miss the playoffs for the 11th straight year and finish with a losing record for the sixth straight year. Given that history, patience from the team’s fans for signs of progress is short but head coach Robert Saleh still asked for it at a Monday press conference.

Saleh said that he and General Manager Joe Douglas are aligned on “a really, really concise plan on how to build from the ground up” and that he feels that’s a departure from past Jets teams that tried to flip things around overnight.

“I respect the heck out of the urgency from the fans and the wanting to flip this thing, but in fairness, this is the first time this fan base is actually experiencing something like this,” Saleh said. “Usually it’s been a quick fix, followed by a scramble. This is an actual plan.”

Saleh cited the Cardinals going from having the first overall pick in 2019 to their current spot atop the NFC playoff picture as an example of how a plan can pay off. Signs of growth over the final seven games will make those kinds of comparisons an easier sell for a team that has spent years buried in the basement of the AFC East.

9 responses to “Robert Saleh: Jets usually try quick fixes, this is an actual plan

  1. Just End The Season. This is classic coach speak. The plan is to lose as many games as posible.

  2. lol!!!

    The Jets could have hired me 10 years ago and I would have mirrored the BB teambuilding plan, and the Jets would have been competitive.

    The fact is, the Jests are so jealous of BB, they have resisted his 2-3 year builds.

    How do you have a plan, draft Wilson over Jones, trade up for a Guard who isn’t even that good, and the sign some of the worst FA talent available at higher prices, while telling Jets fans “this is an actual plan”?

    It’s the same thing the Jets always do.

    If the Jets had changed, Wilson wouldn’t have been the pick and he would have watched from the bench for at least a year.

  3. Here’s my personal blueprint for Saleh: if he’s any good he’ll bring the Jets to .500 next season, then a winning season in year 3. Otherwise it’ll be time to start looking for the next loser.

  4. Some of you guys are funny. Building a roster deep enough to be competitive enough to win 10 games takes time. Saleh is right. You can scramble and sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t, but either way you end up sacrificing short term wins over long term success. Stay the course, build from the trenches out, develop your QB, and build competent depth at all positions. You might get lucky and find quick success or it might take 5-6 years but it’s the proven way to build a team for long term success. There is a reason the Steelers and Patriots have had success for long stretches. They have a plan and stick to it for decades not weeks.

  5. Mike Tyson said “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” If the plan was to build around the second pick in the draft as your franchise QB–who has been outplayed by a 5th rounder–then I don’t have much faith in the plan.

    Time will tell but I wouldn’t hold your breath Jets fans. After tall, it is the Jets.

  6. Rookie coach, with rookie qb, and first time OC, take over dumpster fire perennial loser and dont win year one. Shocking.

  7. Actually, the plan is rather simple:
    1. Hire a coach who can command respect from players
    2. Get good players who buy in to team first
    3. Win.
    Yes, a simple plan it is, but oh so difficult to execute.

  8. I agree with him and I believe him and in him. Plenty of football left and next season should show signs of serious growth. Vera Tucker, both Carters and Elijah Moore are home runs. If Wilson pans out and we draft and free agency well this year, we’ll see much better results.

  9. It’s a good thing Saleh’s plan is to “build from the ground up.”

    He’s off to a stellar start working feverishly on the AFC basement! 🤗

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