Tom Brady catches little flak for his spikes-out slide

New York Giants v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Monday night’s game included a Tin Man scramble from Tom Brady. He ended the effort with a spikes-out slide.

Watch it. Watch it again. The cleat gets jammed into the ankle of Giants defensive back Xavier McKinney, who committed the cardinal sin of getting in Tommy’s way. (The folks at @NFLUK, the NFL’s official Twitter account for UK fans, joked that the move would draw a red card in the Premier League.)

It’s hard to call it an accident. If it was, then former Ravens safety Ed Reed’s leg “accidentally” got in the way of a Brady’s shoe in January 2013. Brady was fined $10,000 for the maneuver. (This angle makes it look even worse.)

No mention was made during the ESPN broadcast about Brady jamming his cleats into an opponent’s ankle. Given that ESPN currently is in business with Brady’s “documentary” (a/k/a vanity project), anyone from the four-letter network who would dare call him out for a potentially dirty play would risk a torrent of privately-communicated four-letter words from Brady himself.

The technique also wasn’t mentioned during his post-game press conference.

“How much did you enjoy that 10-yard run?” Brady was asked. “Looked pretty nifty on that.”

“Eleven yard run,” Brady said. “They don’t happen very often, so I do remember how far they go. So that was pretty good.” (According to the official NFL game book, it was a 10-yard run.)

He then was asked when he last stepped out of a tackle while making a run.

“It’s been forever, probably never,” Brady said. “Probably never. That’s not my — that’s not what I do. Good to have it come up. Good, hopefully I can do that again next week, too. Make a couple of those.”

If he’d been asked when he last slid in a way that used his footwear as a point of emphasis, his answer may have been a little different.

27 responses to “Tom Brady catches little flak for his spikes-out slide

  1. These guys are trying every single down to injure/hit offensive players as hard as possible, especially the QB. Nothing wrong with a little payback when you get do it. No flag, no big deal.

  2. 26predator says:
    November 23, 2021 at 10:58 am
    In the moment it was nothing and should remain so after the fact.


    So…since the refs missed it and the announcers said nothing, it didn’t actually happen?

    It’s clearly a deliberately spikes up slide.

    Should be fined.

  3. But,Tom Brady doesn’t run fast enough where the spikes pointed out,would even break the skin.

  4. I can go either way on last night’s slide…his foot was at least near the ground (not sure where else your shoe is supposed to go when you’re sliding foot-first.)

    Can’t say the same about the Ed Reed incident. That was just pathetic on Brady’s part, and I thought they deserved to lose the game after that. I’m a Patriots fan.

  5. A pop-up slide. He popped up and was ready to go to third base. Or defending himself from an impending cheap shot while laying on the ground.

  6. I’m sure the NFL will change the gamebook to reflect Tom’s 11 yard memory.

    The spikes out should draw at least another fine. Trying to mangle another player’s ankle (again) is malicious and inexcusable. Especially when you consider how aware of his body Tom is at ALL times on and off the field. He’s always looking for an edge, it was no accident…

  7. Have to remember that many times we’ve seen QBs struggle and even be entirely incapable at sliding since it’s not something they’re used to. Analyzing an unathletic QB’s slide probably doesn’t mean much. Now, Brady did play baseball, but maybe he stuck his spikes in the ground once on an ugly slide and nearly hurt his leg so now he just slides with his leg up? Who knows, but Brady’s all about protecting himself and his health, he’s smart.

    On the other hand, I could totally see his competitive spirit getting to him and feeling the defensive back trying to charge in to deliver a killshot to him, and instead dishing out what little he can instead. The one on Reed was definitely deserving of a fine whether it was intentional or not with how high his leg goes. Don’t think this deserves a fine, does the rulebook say on a slide the QB must have his foot within one cm of the ground at all times? I don’t see it as a big deal.

  8. A: he doesn’t get much practice doing that

    B’ if the spike digs in accidentally, a 44-year-old guy is going to tear something

  9. Mac Jones did a similar slide earlier in the year and didn’t get flack for it either. Qbs in general are protected Brady is no exception however unlike the Ed Reed incident Brady lowers his leg just as Jones did at the last moment. So not sure if I’d call it illegal although it is dirty.

  10. Oh c’mon now. I saw the slide in real time (and replays) during the game and there was nothing blatant or vindictive about it. It looked like any other QB slide. If anything, I saw Brady trying not to have his knee brace get caught in the turf as has happened to him in the past.

  11. KCFinfan says:
    November 23, 2021 at 11:10 am
    I don’t get it, how else are you supposed to slide? You’re feet go first.
    Come on man. We can both see there’s a clear kicking motion towards the defender at the end of that slide. That part was not necessary to complete the slide and was probably no accident.

  12. I don’t agree with sliding or giving yourself up, it QB, even Brady, wants to run they should run out of bounds or be hit as hard as defensive player can

  13. I wasn’t sure if it was intentional or not– but what was weird was how fired up he got about a little ten yard scramble. He came up acting like it was the biggest play of the season lol

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