Andre Johnson, DeMarcus Ware among Hall of Fame semifinalists

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The Pro Football Hall of Fame announced the 26 modern era players who are semifinalists for election to the Hall in 2022.

The group includes seven players who are eligible for the Hall for the first time. That group is highlighted by wide receiver Andre Johnson and edge rusher DeMarcus Ware. It also includes wide receiver Anquan Boldin, kick returner Devin Hester, edge rusher Robert Mathis, wide receiver Steve Smith, and defensive tackle Vince Wilfork.

Running back Eddie George is a semifinalist for the first time in his third year of eligibility. Special teams ace Steve Tasker has reached this phase for the ninth time while wideout Torry Holt is now an eight-time semifinalist and tackle Tony Boselli is at this point for the seventh time.

The group, which will be reduced to 15 finalists before the final election, appears in full below

Cornerback Eric Allen – 1988-1994 Eagles, 1995-97 Saints, 1998-2001 Raiders

Defensive end Jared Allen, DE – 2004-07 Chiefs, 2008-2013 Vikings, 2014-15 Bears, 2015 Panthers

Tackle Willie Anderson, T – 1996-2007 Bengals, 2008 Ravens

Defensive back Ronde Barber, CB-S – 1997-2012 Buccaneers

Wide receiver Anquan Boldin – 2003-09 Cardinals, 2010-12 Ravens, 2013-15 49ers, 2016 Lions

Tackle Tony Boselli – 1995-2001 Jaguars

Safety LeRoy Butler – 1990-2001 Packers

Running back Eddie George – 1996-2003 Oilers/Titans, 2004 Cowboys

Kick returner Devin Hester – 2006-2013 Bears, 2014-15 Falcons, 2016 Ravens

Wide receiver Torry Holt – 1999-2008 Rams, 2009 Jaguars

Wide receiver Andre Johnson – 2003-2014 Texans, 2015 Colts, 2016 Titans

Defensive end Robert Mathis – 2003-2016 Colts

Linebacker Sam Mills – 1986-1994 Saints, 1995-97 Panthers

Defensive lineman Richard Seymour – 2001-08 Patriots, 2009-2012 Raiders

Wide receiver Steve Smith – 2001-2013 Panthers, 2014-16 Ravens

Wide receiver/special teamer Steve Tasker – 1985-86 Oilers, 1986-1997 Bills

Running back Fred Taylor – 1998-2008 Jaguars, 2009-2010 Patriots

Linebacker Zach Thomas – 1996-2007 Dolphins, 2008 Cowboys

Wide receiver Hines Ward – 1998-2011 Steelers

Defensive end DeMarcus Ware – 2005-2013 Cowboys, 2014-16 Broncos

Running back Ricky Watters – 1992-94 49ers, 1995-97 Eagles, 1998-2001 Seahawks

Wide receiver Reggie Wayne – 2001-2014 Colts

Defensive tackle Vince Wilfork – 2004-2014 Patriots, 2015-16 Texans

Linebacker Patrick Willis – 2007-2014 49ers

Safety Darren Woodson – 1992-2003 Cowboys

Defensive tackle Bryant Young – 1994-2007 49ers

42 responses to “Andre Johnson, DeMarcus Ware among Hall of Fame semifinalists

  1. Incredible travesty to keep game-changing Special Teamers like Steve Tasker out of the Hall, for no seemingly good reason. Hopefully that changes this year.

  2. LeRoy Butler needs to go in this time. He is the only all-decade player from the 1990s not in the Hall. That must change.

  3. Jared Allen was a one trick pony…horrible against the Run and sold out for the Pass Rush trying to get sacks.

  4. D-Ware is an easy first ballot (9th overall in sacks, 7x all-pro)

    Hester should be a first ballot, because when you were the best to ever do it, position does not matter!

  5. Hines Ward and Ricky Watters shouldn’t even be allowed to smell the HOF, let alone be in it.

  6. Devin Hester would return kicks and punts on the greatest football team you could put together. I hope he’s in first ballot.

  7. Jared Allen should get in. Averaged 10.5 sacks per season and is 12th on the all time list with a lot less games than the majority of the players ahead of him on that list.

  8. Bocelli, let’s put an opera singer in the Hall 😁 Honestly, the two I wanted in more than anybody was Charles Tillman & Devin Hester, but Tillman didn’t even make it this far. I’m a Packers fan & I would’ve pounded the table for that dude! He had one year where he had 10 forced fumbles! I was still remember him as a rookie outjumping Randy Moss for an interception. At least Hester still has a chance, that dude was a threat to score anytime he had the ball.

  9. Special teams play is so impactful on games. Hester should get in for sure. Tasker was awesome as well and probably deserves to get in.

  10. These first year eligible players threw me off a bit. Doesn’t seem like that lunch time has passed since some of them played. Where does time go 😪

  11. Won’t happen, but Seymour and Wilfork getting in the same year would be amazing! Would be Patriots central visiting Canton!

  12. Willie Anderson. Not a glamour position, but one of the best Tackles in the game over the course of his entire career. And for Pete’s sake put Kenny Anderson in! MVP, 4 time Pro Bowler, 2 time Passing Leader, 4 time passer rating leader…also got a Super Bowl ring as a coach. Wake up and get this man in there!!!

  13. Loved watching Devin Hester in action. This isn’t a strong first ballot class. Arguably none should get in. The stand out name though for impact is Wilfork. An outstanding NT – a position that doesn’t attract stats or attention but when played well is game changing.

  14. Leroy Butler should of gone in years ago. Several time pro bowler, SB Champ, Leader of a top ranked defense and most importantly the inventor of the Lambeau Leap.

  15. Zach Thomas was 5’8”… Zach Thomas retired with more tackles than anyone in NFL history (later broken by Ray Lewis) … If you ask Peyton Manning and Tom Brady who the best LB they ever faced was.. both don’t even hesitate in naming Thomas…. how the heck is he not in the HOF yet?

  16. Hester should be a first ballot, because when you were the best to ever do it, position does not matter!

    Agreed. So that means tasker gets in too

  17. I really don’t see any on this list really worthy. Cases can be made but not strong cases.

  18. While I can understand old timers wanting Tasker in before Hester, Hester was the GOAT at what he did. Bias against adding more Bears to the HOF is strong and the current franchise is a total trainwreck but I hope the voters can see past that.

  19. Seymour and wilfork are hall of fame players and have the championship hardware to back it up!

  20. Hester was the best punt returner ever but a mediocre receiver … 38 career TDs is not a HOF career …

  21. Toooooooo many very good players on this list the HOF is for great players please pick wisely .

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