Baker Mayfield will practice today, plans to start Sunday night

Detroit Lions v Cleveland Browns
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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield has recently played through a variety of injuries. It appears that he’ll continue to do that this weekend.

Via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Mayfield told reporters that he’ll practice on Wednesday, and that he plans to start on Sunday night, when the Browns visit the Ravens.

Mayfield has a left shoulder injury that first occurred in Week Two. He also has knee and heel injuries. Via Cabot, Mayfield said that the knee and foot problems have hurt more than the shoulder.

Some have suggested that the Browns would be better off with a fully healthy Case Keenum than a banged-up Baker Mayfield. It’s a question teams often have to ask themselves when the starter dips below 100 percent.

Complicating the situation in Cleveland is Mayfield’s contract status. He wants to prove his value by playing. By playing injured, however, he hurts his case to make as much as he’d like to make.

Then there’s the relationship with fans and local media. As he tries to position himself to make as much as he can (and he has every right to try), it helps to have the customers on your side. Currently, that may not be as much of a given as it was not that long ago.

2 responses to “Baker Mayfield will practice today, plans to start Sunday night

  1. I don’t know who is playing this worse:

    Baker Mayfield, who is playing with one side of his body and putting up plenty of terrible numbers giving the Browns justification for not extending him,

    Or the Browns, for putting their season in jeopardy by playing a QB who is too hurt to play while making him look like a hero for gutting it out, opening yourself to criticism if you don’t pay him.

    It’s like they are in a competition to see how can make worse decisions.

  2. The team seemed to come to life when they had to put Case Keenum in a few weeks back. Why they are sticking with an injured QB with a crappy attitude toward the fans is beyond me.

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