Does Aaron Rodgers actually have “COVID toe”?

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During his most recent appearance with Pat McAfee, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said that he has “COVID toe.” We thought he was joking. Not everyone did.

The Wall Street Journal has published an entire article based on the premise that Rodgers definitely has COVID toe. It’s a real complication of the infection, but it’s a skin condition. Rodgers made it clear during the McAfee interview that he’s dealing with a bone issue, not a skin issue.

Of course, we’ve all learned that hard way that Rodgers can’t always be taken at his word. Moreover, it’s odd that he’s speaking so openly about his pinkie toe being a problem, since that essentially puts a bull’s-eye on it moving forward. (Fortunately for him, Ndamukong Suh no longer plays for the Rams.)

Still, we regarded the “COVID toe” comment as a joke, not as an acknowledgement that the current bone issue he’s dealing with in his foot is a complication of his COVID diagnosis. The Wall Street Journal took a different approach, entirely.

Here’s hoping that, when Rodgers has his weekly session with reporters on Wednesday, someone will seek and secure clarification.

48 responses to “Does Aaron Rodgers actually have “COVID toe”?

  1. Rodgers revels in putting just enough information out there and watching it run where it may. Its a beautiful mystery to him.

    Stop enabling his humor.

  2. its pretty simple….he stubbed his toe on the bed post when he was shuffling around with a blanket on his shoulders and towel over his head inhaling from his homeopathic mister.

  3. Well, you are part owner now, Florio. Why don’t you fly to Green Bay and demand an answer from him?

  4. It’s okay he can’t run anyway. We saw that in the Championship game last year. The only thing he likes to run in his mouth!!!

  5. I’ll wait for Joe Rogan to weigh in on this one.

    Dang! My eyes rolled so hard I saw the inside of my cabbage. It wasn’t nearly as pretty as you’d think.

  6. Rodgers has lost any and all chance for sympathy for his injuries. He doesn’t care if he’s on the field. We don’t care.

  7. It can’t be COVID toe, that refers to a known condition called pernio, which wouldn’t result in musculoskeletal pain or limit activity.

    Even so, it would heal up in a week or so if he just kept his feet warm.

    It was an obvious joke…

  8. It’s okay he can’t run anyway. We saw that in the Championship game last year. The only thing he likes to run in his mouth!!!

    I’ll pay cash money to see you run in Devin Whites general direction.

  9. I’m sure the families of over 700k dead Americans are delighted that Rogers finds all of this so humorous.

  10. Why young and healthy people would want to invite health issues for the rest of their lives due to being afraid of a jab in the shoulder to protect from these issues, is beyond me.

    Once Covid runs amuck through your system, you’re more vulnerable than you were before to every possible health isssue.

    The damage the virus does is siginificant.

  11. When another notable former Cal Bear refused to speak, people were upset. If Rodgers invoked a self imposed gag, football fans (especially PFT readers) would be delighted.

  12. Just more proof that Aaron Rodgers thinks COVID is a joke. I can’t stand the man, but hey – he does have the right to think that way.

  13. I got Donald and Miller playing lets me at the QB and a violent collision puts Love into his next job, QB of the Packers.
    I agree with an agent who says there arent many teams that will be interested in him at the end of the season due to all this bs he has stired up. they dont want any part of it.

  14. My god…ENOUGH OF THIS!!!!
    Maybe don’t click the link next time if you’re so fed up? Seems a pretty obvious solution, and better than giving pft the click and making them think there’s an appetite for Rodgers stories, when, judging by the post count on every one of them, there sooo clearly isn’t lol

  15. When you can’t take him down you try to make fun of him. The media playbook since 2016. Still failing.

  16. As a Bears fan of long standing all this hate towards Rogers is truly amazing. You might not like his covid stuff or his verbal diarrhea but what he does on the playing field is fantastic and fun to watch while the Bears have had a string of lousy QBs that make us cringe. 2 games that matter to Bears fans each year are the GB games and the results have been pathetic for Bears fans. You will miss him once he leaves.

  17. touchback6 says:
    November 24, 2021 at 10:26 am

    Once Covid runs amuck through your system, you’re more vulnerable than you were before to every possible health isssue.


    There is no medical evidence at all for this claim. Covid has existed on the world for 2 years now. The overwhelming number of people who have had the disease have no ongoing medical complications. Those who have suffered enduring complications are in a small number of categories, not “every possible health issue”.

  18. Americans want Covid to end we all do but some 60 million won’t do what’s needed so come thanksgiving 2022 when we still will be going at each other remember that the anti-science
    people are responsible for it’s still being around what 2 more 5 more years maybe it will never go away and i know exactly who to point the finger at .

  19. Rodgers can win every game break records win the MVP again and win the super bowl
    but none of that will change the fact ……he’s still a slimy sleaze ball liar .

  20. I learned a few things today that I was not aware of with regards to Covid.
    From data so far they have learned that COVID-19 vaccines have a more effective and longer-lasting immunity than from the infection.
    33% of COVID infections result in zero protective antibodies
    Natural immunity fades faster than vaccine immunity is half as effective than natural immunity plus vaccine

  21. This is an incredible feat by Rodgers, shoe-in HOF, to go toe-to-toe with his arch-enemies before he is heeled, even in defeat.

  22. purpleguy says:
    November 24, 2021 at 10:57 am

    Come on, this is entertaining. I bet even Packer fans are getting a kick out of this crap.


    I’m all locked in on the Griffen feed. Health issues -as we are shown- are fair game for mockery.

  23. This is Goodells fault before the camps opened he should have said no vaccine you can’t play simple as that .

  24. primalnumber says:
    November 24, 2021 at 12:27 pm
    Toes, you say?

    [Rex Ryan has entered the chat]

    Best comment all year. Well played.

  25. Rodgers has COVID toe. The timing of it is perfect and it is a known side effect with unvaccinated people that catch COVID.

    You can bet that Suh will be trying to stop on Rodgers foot.

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