Everson Griffen leaves home, receiving “care he needs”

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The Vikings released an update on defensive end Everson Griffen on Wednesday afternoon.

Griffen refused to leave his residence after law enforcement responded to a 911 call he made about an intruder being inside his house. Griffen also posted pictures on social media of text messages to his agent asking for help and video of him holding a gun. His 911 call included telling the dispatcher that he had fired a gun.

Police said earlier on Wednesday that they were working with mental health professionals from the Vikings to resolve the situation and the team’s latest statement said Griffen has emerged to get the assistance he needs.

“Law enforcement agencies have notified us Everson Griffen came out of his home without incident and is now getting the care he needs,” the statement said. “We are thankful to the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office, the Carver County Sheriff’s Office, the Minnetrista Police Department and the Orono Police Department for their quick response and dedication to ensuring the situation ended peacefully. Our focus remains on Everson’s health and safety and providing the proper resources for him and his family.”

Griffen has dealt with mental health issues in the past and we share the hope that the Griffen family receives all they need to deal with the current situation.

25 responses to “Everson Griffen leaves home, receiving “care he needs”

  1. I get that NFL players are public figures and that there is a general interest in the public about such matters, but it just strikes me as a personal matter to which Griffen should be permitted to keep private. I wish him the best.

  2. I’m glad that he’s getting help and whish him a quick recovery.

    I also wish everyone in that situation could get the care they need — not just those who are wealthy.

  3. Paranoid schizophrenia seems very possible, and this is his second metal health episode since being on the Vikings. Hoping he can get the help he needs!

  4. Hoping he has a speedy, full recovery. Mental health is no joke regardless of who you are and what salary you make.

  5. God bless him. Wishing him a speedy recovery. Hopefully he still gets a nice Thanksgiving dinner at home with his family.

  6. I sincerely feel for people with mental health issues. They may affect you for the time you deal with them but the person has to live with it 24/7. I just wish him and all people going through something like this nothing but postive vibes.

  7. I realize mental health is a huge issue in this country but let’s not forget the people who use that argument to escape discipline. Ben Simmons of the 76ers has refused team help when I comes his problems. Richard Sherman got drunk, crashed his car in a construction zone, then proceeded to try and knock down a family members door. He blamed it on mental health, got a contract and is now on the roster of a SB contender. You have to take what people say at face value. Would he get a pass if this was drug related? Probably not, but you throw in the phrase mental health and you are cleared in society’s eyes. Owning up to mistakes is the first step, not excuses.

  8. A person has a mental health issue and others down-vote him?

    Welcome to America 


    My sentiments exactly. Truly sad and ridiculous to see thumbs down on these comments. Speaks volumes about a person’s character to kick a stranger when he’s down. Go ahead and thumb this down, too. These clowns have never needed an outstretched hand versus a pointed finger?

    Prayers and well-wishes, Griff! He really found his step again this year and has been a blast to watch. I hope he gets the care he needs.

  9. The care he needs is rehab. This isn’t a mental health issue, it’s a guy coked out of his mind. The sympathy he’s drawing and the lies the media and team are spreading is the real sadness here. It cheapens real mental health issues.

  10. Wait, hold on: Everson Griffin has a personal medical matter (potential violent mental health problems), but we must respect his privacy. However, Aaron Rodgers also has personal medical matters (potential spread of disease from his allergy to a medicine), yet it’s fair game to attack him. Got it.

  11. I wish him the best And hope he gets the help he needs. I am also a 2A supporter but what is a dude with history of mental illness doing with a gun?

  12. Wishing him the best. I’ll always remember him for his hilarious sideline reaction to the Minneapolis miracle.

  13. WHat it is with football players and their mental issues. You see it here and there in other sports but not like you do in football. Must be all the hits to the head they endure playing the sports. But I’m sure the NFL say, nothing to see here.

  14. I hope the authorities actually get him some help this time, unlike last time when they looked at the sky and whistled with their arms crossed behind their backs for fear he might not be available for the next game.

  15. It’s really on the NFL and the Vikings organization.

    If you aren’t mentally fit to be in the NFL, and you threaten people’s lives, that kind of pressure shouldn’t be applied again.

    He shouldn’t have been allowed to play again, let alone encouraged.

    Then again, this is the same organization that said “yeah, beating children is fine if you score TDs for us! Yay Adrian! Beat that kid!”

  16. If loaded guns were lies about being vaccinated Dalvin Cook would be getting skewered in the press for lying twice.

    But nothing to see here – he was just helping Griff out (while looking for his garage door opener).

  17. Hospitals take care of people with mental health issues very well because they don’t make money from them.

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