NFL, St. Louis settle for $790 million

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The NFL has resolved its remaining business in St. Louis.

With payment of $790 million, the league will settle the litigation arising from the relocation of the Rams. PFT has confirmed the amount of the deal.

The settlement occurred thanks to a mediation session that began on Tuesday. The negotiations culminated in an agreement that avoids the uncertainty of a trial, which the NFL could have lost badly. Also, St. Louis could have prevailed, but with a much smaller judgment than the payment the public entities will receive. The public entities also don’t have to wait while multiple layers of appeals are pursued.

It’s not yet known whether Rams owner Stan Kroenke will pay the full amount, or whether he managed to foist some of the responsibility onto his partners. In recent weeks, Kroenke began to lay the foundation for litigation over whether and to what extent he’ll indemnify his partners. It’s possible that they reached a global settlement with St. Louis, and that the indemnity issue will be litigated separately.

Regardless, the case will now end. Although it’s possible that a glitch or two will arise as the final documents are drawn up, it’s unlikely that the settlement will be scrapped for a full-blown trial.

44 responses to “NFL, St. Louis settle for $790 million

  1. A rare win for for the municipalities that are regularly manipulated and played by the NFL. The St. Louis’ legal team is impressive.

    I bet Kroenke is stewing even more that he has to share revenue with the Chargers, in a NFL city that will barely support one team. And where he carried the cost of the stadium. LOL.

  2. Update: Goodell will now come up with a new framejob of the Pats, likely for Mac Jones and others, in order to defray some of these costs of the Rams corrupt dealing in STL. Film at 11.

  3. And …. when the NFL expands, and it will, St. Louis will be No. 1 on the list of cities under consideration for a franchise. That’s not in the written agreement. That was contained in a wink from Roger Goodell.

  4. A win for the municipalities??? The municipalities are funded by taxpayer dollars. The municipalities decide, without input from their funders (taxpayers), when and how much to give corporations in incentives. The funders won’t see a nickel of their tax dollars returned from this settlement. Geesh.

  5. I bet Kroenke is stewing even more that he has to share revenue with the Chargers, in a NFL city that will barely support one team. And where he carried the cost of the stadium. LOL

    Bought some of the most expensive real estate in the country
    In large part, funded his new stadium
    AND pays out this settlement, in whole, or in part

    To LEAVE St Louis.

    Who do you think is doing the laughing?

  6. So no expansion team guarantees?? I feel like St Louis shorted themselves; unless they didn’t want another team and just wanted some cash. Also, I’m guessing their fans won’t get any of that money…

  7. The question is whether the NFL will block any future expansion into or any move to St Louis? What strings are tied to the money (new stadium?). If not new stadium, what is St Louis going to do with this new found loot?

    Where is San Diego’s suit? Wait no one cares about the Chargers.

  8. The NFL: Keeping the bodies buried for another decade or two.

    Next stop: Another suitcase full of cash to Chucky’s Las Vegas estate 🤗

  9. $24,687,500 per Owner.

    Chump change. They gladly pay a great quarterback that much for a single season.

  10. Without the guarantee of an expansion team, this settlement is not fantastic. Sure, STL will get a lot of money but, after the graft, it will do absolutely nothing to improve the city.

  11. This highlights the importance of legal counsel to be sure but also the luck of draw on the judge you get. If the discovery orders go the other way – no documents – no depositions, this settlement isn’t happening.

  12. Well that didn’t take long, did it? It’s not a billion, but $790 is still a nice chunk of change. No Expansion team.

    Now you wonder how it will get divided between the City and County. And if something good will come out of it, or if they will revert to norm and p*ss it all away.

  13. The expansion fee for the Texans in 2002 was $700 million. Surely that will be well over a billion for the next round. So, the NFL pays out 750 to St. Louis, then collects much more than that to put a team back in that market. If the city spends that money on a stadium, then the league just made an investment with a guaranteed return.

  14. I believe St Louis is now EXCLUDED from any expansion consideration going forward – so did they really win?

  15. St. Louis and the NFL wasn’t a good marriage to begin with. The Rams and Cardinals had eight winning seasons in 48 years there.

    Be a good long time before the NFL returns to STL, if it ever does.

  16. To those wanting an expansion team in St Louis, the city that lost Cardinals, stole the Rams from LA, then the Rams returned. St. Louis is a Baseball town, no new football team should go there! Turn the page, use the cash for city improvement!

  17. Congrats tax paying citizens of St Louis, expect your cut of the money in the mail any day….jus don’t hold your breath!!!

  18. honkeyt says:
    November 24, 2021 at 11:20 am
    Stan Kroenke is the devil.

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