NFL, St. Louis settlement details will be made public

Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Rams
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As the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed on the preliminary agreement that eventually will become a full-blown settlement of the lawsuit arising from the relocation of the Rams, we currently don’t know the terms.

We inevitably will.

Per a league source, the NFL is moving forward with the assumption that the settlement number and the details of the deal will be made public.

The public nature of the plaintiffs ensures that reality. Although many civil settlements contain a confidentiality provision, the relevant freedom of information legislation prevents public bodies from making the money they receive or pay in lawsuits a secret.

The people who pay significant money to resolve litigation typically like to keep it quiet, so as not to encourage others to think that there’s a payday to be enjoyed by getting in line with a lawsuit. In some cases, such as this one, it’s just not practical.

That said, the NFL may be able to keep secret whether and to what extent Rams owner Stan Kroenke has foisted partial responsibility onto his partners. Recently, however, someone has been singing to the media about the in-fighting among the oligarchs, arising from the St. Louis litigation. It’s likely inevitable that the full details of the division, if any, among the teams will be disclosed.

18 responses to “NFL, St. Louis settlement details will be made public

  1. St. Louis should just take the money and use it to improve the city and forget about an NFL team. St. Louis is a baseball town anyway.

  2. “Ticket prices, Sunday Ticket, and apparel prices will be increased to offset the league’s settlement payout, and additional fees will be assessed until morale improves”

  3. I said yesterday the league would settle, they were desperate to prevent discover and various owners being forced to testify.

    They deserve to pay every penny its going to cost them.

  4. I bet its one of the trust fund kids (Brown, Davis, Spanos) singing like a canary.

  5. I was hoping this would be a much more painful experience for Goodell and the owners. Hopefully, they at least lose a lot of money.

  6. St Louis couldn’t convince an absurdly wealthy Missouri native to stay home.

    He and his partners will have paid a fortune to leave.

    People actually think the NFL will give them a billion dollar team AND build a billion dollar stadium? That’s worthy of the Billy Madison quote. Pure and unadulterated insanity.

  7. As Missouri resident who lives in kc. The 1st thing that needs to happen is the city of St. Louis needs to settle with Jefferson City so that no more taxes come out of the general fund for an abandoned football stadium that they corrupted and greased the state government in the 90s to build the dumb thing. After that then the taxpayers in St. Louis can have what’s left but let’s be honest wether it’s St. Louis or Jefferson City who gets the money from the nfl none of it will benefit taxpayers it will all disappear into the corruption black hole we call government.

  8. The settlement is $790 million per the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. I would rather have had an expansion team.

  9. I don’t know why so many people are posting that they can’t wait to see the league and the owners all punished financially. They NFL will just raise prices to cover the costs.The only people paying for this are the fans. I wish there was another way that prevented the fans from ultimately paying and that it did come from the corporate offices and the owners. I am not happy with the NFL or St. Loius.

  10. The NFL has agreed to buy St. Louis a team in the new USFL, but that team has already decided to move to Reno.

  11. There have been a lot of comments along the lines of “St. Louis does not deserve a team. They had the worst attendance in the league over the last decade”. It is true the attendance was terrible. It is also true that during the time (a) the team was threatening to leave, and (b) the team on the field had worst 10-year record IN THE HISTORY OF THE NFL. Of course, attendance was down. None of that matters to this lawsuit. What does matter is the Rams violated the agreement (contract) they had with the city. St. Louis stupidly said that the Rams stadium would also be in the top tier of stadiums (don’t remember the exact terms). As new stadiums were built, the were no longer in the top group. The Rams requested upgrades to get in top tier. St. Louis balked, but eventually was working with the Rams on a plan to upgrade and restore to top tier. Despite municipal commitments and good faith efforts, the Rams prematurely terminated the contract and moved away. They were NOT entitled to do this under the agreement, so they in essence violated the terms of their agreement. They left the city and state holding the bag on the stadium, and the PSL holders with valueless PSLs. That is the reason for the lawsuit and the reason the city is receiving a settlement. Very simple – the Rams violated the terms of their agreement. Rather than having a jury establish damages, the NFL – knowing they will lose – is opting to settle. Whether or not the city gets an expansion team could be part of the settlement, but prior attendance was the result of the historically terrible team and the constant threats to relocate. Please stop talking about attendance and “not deserving”. St. Louis is a good sports town and would support a normal team.

  12. As I informed you a couple months ago, the NFL will want the settlement to be public. It’s their convoluted way of showing they made a mistake and public tax money will be a safe investment going forward.

    I’ve got my doubts that St Louis will get another team but, it would make Jeff Bezos look like a hero while giving the NFL a way to put the richest man alive into the league.

    If so, San Antonio is the city that keeps the league balanced.

  13. The only thing I care about is that Kroenke pays, and pays big. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  14. LOL Roger and the 31 other billionaires squirmed like worms when Stan went rogue. Parasites all of them.

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