Nick Sirianni on Giants firing Jason Garrett: Have to be ready for everything this Sunday

New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Giants fired offensive coordinator Jason Garrett on Tuesday and that move will impact their preparations for this Sunday’s game against the Eagles.

Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni said at his Wednesday press conference the move will also impact his team’s preparation for the game. Senior offensive assistant and former Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens is expected to have a lead role in play-calling and Sirianni said that the team will look at what he did in the past while trying to make sure they are ready for anything the Giants might draw up this weekend.

“You have to go back and look at some things that coach Kitchens did at Cleveland and some of those things like that,” Sirianni said. “Of course, you look for every advantage, every edge, some of the tendency things. You got to go back and look at what they had. I’ve said this before in here, it’s a different play-caller. There’s going to be different looks. There’s going to be different things that he does, that coach Garrett didn’t do or vice versa. We just got to be ready for everything. So, when you don’t know exactly what you’re going to get, you got to play your rules and you got to play your rules on each individual defense that you get.”

There’s only so much the Giants can change in a few days and the players will be the same ones that have been on the field for the first 10 games of the season, so the Eagles shouldn’t be too thrown by the decision to throw Garrett overboard as they try to get to 6-6 on the season.

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  1. It’s true that they can only do so much in a less than a week’s worth of prep.

    But the intangibles are key here. If players really hated Garrett’s offense, and have bonded with Kitchens while hoping this would happen, they could feel liberated and play with greater enthusiasm and focus this week. That kind of thing happens.

    But if players feel like Garrett was just a fall guy, and feel like this firing means that the team is in total disarray, it could go in the other direction. That kind of thing happens, too.

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