Packers’ Adrian Amos: Matt Stafford was always good, he just played for the Lions

NFL: OCT 03 Steelers at Packers
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In his seven-year NFL career, Packers safety Adrian Amos has faced Matthew Stafford 11 times. But he expects Sunday’s meeting to be different.

That’s because Amos has always played Stafford when he was a Detroit Lion. On Sunday, Amos and the Packers are facing Stafford in his first trip to Green Bay as a Los Angeles Ram. And Amos says that will be very different.

Matt Stafford was always good,” Amos said today. “He just played for the Lions.”

It’s painful for Lions fans to hear, but Amos has a point. Stafford is poised to put up the best numbers of his career this year, but the difference is less about Stafford himself playing better than about Stafford playing for a better team with a better coaching staff.

10 responses to “Packers’ Adrian Amos: Matt Stafford was always good, he just played for the Lions

  1. Amos just said what most feel, but up to now no one in the league would say publicly. Kudos to him, because it’s true.

  2. Stanford has slowly declined the past four games, I expect the decline will continue further now that he has to deal with OBJ.

  3. Couldn’t have said it better… unfortunately Stafford wasted his best years with the lowly Lions.

  4. Love the fact Stafford can’t hide behind an inept organization anymore. People will realize that while he has elite ability, he’s still a mediocre qb.

  5. Rams are 7-3 with Stafford. They could easily finish out at 14-3 with Stafford
    Bucs are 7-3 with Brady

    Not many teams went 16-0 much less 17-0.

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