Report: George McCaskey told Bears today that Matt Nagy firing report is false

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Publicly, the Bears have not denied the report that Matt Nagy has been told he’ll be fired after tomorrow’s game at Detroit.

But privately, Bears chairman George McCaskey told players and coaches today that there is no truth to the report, according to Dan Pompei of

McCaskey, the grandson of Bears founder George Halas, is the person who would make the ultimate decision on the job status of Nagy, General Manager Ryan Pace, team President Ted Phillips, and other top Bears officials. So if anyone would know whether Nagy is out, it’s McCaskey.

Still, if Nagy’s job is safe beyond this week, it’s odd that McCaskey wouldn’t say so publicly. When ESPN incorrectly reported late in the 2019 season that head coach Doug Marrone had been informed he would be fired, Jaguars owner Shad Khan immediately released a statement denying the report, and Marrone did in fact remain for the 2020 season. McCaskey could easily release the same statement. But he hasn’t.

So speculation will continue that Nagy is on very thin ice in Chicago. Even if tomorrow proves not to be his last game as the Bears’ head coach.

23 responses to “Report: George McCaskey told Bears today that Matt Nagy firing report is false

  1. All McCaskey said was; The report is not true. He didn’t say Nagy wouldn’t be released, let go, canned or fired. Let’s face it, the Bears are and have been terrible for years, so watch on Saturday, Sunday or most likely Monday for Nagy to be fired, if it will be during the season. During the season or post season, either way, Nagy is done in Chicago.

  2. Bears reaching new depths of clusterdom here. What coach or GM in his right mind would want to work there? Who would want to play there? I look for the Lions to not only win tomorrow, but roll.

  3. When your losing streaks get swept under the rug by ownership, you know your team is fooked.
    I’m so embarrassed by this dumpster fire.

  4. Total ineptitude: George is in over his head. Phillips, Pace and Nagy must go . The fans deserve better. Sell the damned team all-ready. It’s the fans only hope.

  5. How does Pace always escape blame? Dude moved up for Trubisky because he thought someone would jump the Bears for him. He has put a mess of a roster together and hired a completely incompetent coach. Clear everyone out.

  6. Nagy hasn’t gotten it done, and needs to go, but the bus toss from Ryan Pace and McCaskey is not cool. Ryan Pace is as much to blame as Matt Nagy. He needs to be fired too.

  7. Exactly. It’s totally untrue and a baldfaced lie that Nagy will be fired on Thursday after the game. The media is totally fake and irresponsible. He’ll be fired on Friday.

  8. Maybe McCaskey thinks, “I’ve told the people who matter, the ones who would be impacted, that the story isn’t true. No one else is owed a response.

  9. The question every boss asks themselves before they fire a high-level employee is; “Is there a better one I know about out there and available?”

    If there isn’t, since you are paying the guy anyway you might as well keep him until you do find someone better.

    My Jets have had this problem for decades just plugging in the “next guy” just doesn’t work. Like any good business you have to have a plan and stick too it and it often takes more than 2-3 years to see results.

  10. Never in their history have the Bears fired a coach mid-season. They’re not going to start now.

  11. Even if the Nagy/Pace group is fired we will get replacements just like them. We’ve seen this script before.

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