Robert Saleh stands by Jets trading for Joe Flacco, claims it was a “no risk” move

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The Jets traded for quarterback Joe Flacco last month, a strange move that looks even more strange this week, with the unvaccinated Flacco on the COVID-19 reserve list. But Jets coach Robert Saleh is standing by it.

Saleh said giving up only a late-round draft pick for a veteran quarterback is worth it.

“When someone offers a sixth-round pick for a player of Joe’s caliber, there is no risk,” Saleh said.

But of course there was a risk, namely that bringing in an unvaccinated player would cause upheaval in the quarterback room, and that’s exactly what happened. Mike White is currently out because he tested positive for COVID-19, while Flacco is out because he was a close contact with White.

And while the risk of a sixth-round pick may be low, it was also no-reward for a Jets team that is going nowhere and needs to focus primarily on developing its young players. If the Jets wanted a veteran backup on board, they should have just re-signed Flacco in March, before he left the team in free agency and signed with the Eagles. The Jets could have just as easily kept Flacco, had him around to mentor rookie Zach Wilson all along, and not given up a draft pick to get him.

So regardless of Saleh’s statement, it’s hard to see the Jets’ process with Flacco as anything other than a mistake.

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  1. Why so much focus on this? Is it cause he’s not vaccinated? The Jets season wasn’t going anywhere from the start. Bringing in a seasoned vet to help Wilson learn the ropes should’ve been done much earlier. I’m telling you Rodgers was right. It is a witch hunt for the unvaccinated that’s why you’re reading an article about a 3RD string QB.

  2. Trading for an unvaccinated player is a risk whether he wants to admit it or not. They are out for longer if in the protocol, other players and staff aren’t too comfortable with it and it adds negativity. Ya ain’t have to like or agree with it but that’s the way it is, unfortunately.

  3. Flacco preferred the money and the chance to play over Jalen Hurts in Philly because he knew the Jets were drafting a QB at number two overall. The Jets had several sixth round picks and didn’t have to pay Flacco for half this year. It’s still probably not a super smart trade to deal for Flacco and not have a veteran back up (even if Mike White was good for one game and Josh Johnson was okay for two), but it’s stupid to say they should have just signed him before the season. They tried to, maybe not at a high salary, but he wanted Philly where he thought he’d have a better chance to start or play.

  4. As a Jets fan, I have seen many dumb moves over the years. And, yes, this trade certainly qualifies.

    It looked like a unnecessary panic move at the time, and it looks even worse in retrospect. Sure, it was just a 6th round pick, but this is still a trade that should never have happened.

  5. Between getting involved in some exchange with that wind bag Ryan and not admitting that the Flacco thing is a mistake, I’ll say it’s been a bad week for Saleh.

  6. I’m telling you Rodgers was right. It is a witch hunt for the unvaccinated that’s why you’re reading an article about a 3RD string QB.

    Yep, all of us are out to get Joe Flacco lol

  7. Nothing is “High Risk” when your team doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of the NFL.

  8. All unvaccinated players are a risk. There is a significant chance they will not be available at some point during the season, and in some of these cases it will come at a bad time for their team.

  9. So weird. The Jets have traded for 3 or 4 extra 6th round picks since Joe Douglas arrived by offloading veterans in the last year of their deals that he knew he wouldn’t re-sign.

    But not getting a big return for a 6th for Joe Flacco and the sky is falling. Oh those pitiful Jets and their wasted 6th round pick that surely would have been used to draft a future hall of famer!

    If only the Jets had some sort of consolation prize, like, I don’t know, maybe a top 10 pick coming from the Seahawks for Jamal Adams, or maybe an extra 2nd and 4th this year for Sam Darnold who everyone but the Panthers seemed to know was a bust.

    Forget about those. Keep wasting 6th round picks, Jets!!

  10. Acquiring Joe Flacco is always a mistake, because he’s awful, but why does his vaccination status have anything to do with it? Not anyone’s business in the first place. And even if it was, it has zero to do with their current situation. Move along, people.

  11. Are there a lot more unvaccinated QBs on NFL rosters?
    I remember reading during the off-season that Brian Hoyer was unvaccinated. I’ve yet to hear if he received the shot after that.

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